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    Phrag what?

    now with 2 flowers open.
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    Phrag what?

    He's still in business. He's been trying to cut back slowly over the years.
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    Phrag what?

    I got the orchid from Taylor Orchids, so its likely the same as what OL has. The flower has dimensions of 4 1/2+ inches by 3 inches. I had one once before, but lost it. Hopefully this one sticks around for a long time. It's one of my favorites.
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    Phrag what?

    I haven't posted in a long time, hopefully this works. What do you think this is? The label says Phrag roezlii 'John Fix'. I'm very happy with it whatever it is.
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    paph superbiens var. curtisii

    As requested, here is the whole plant (I didn't spend a lot of time on trying to get a quality shot, so this won't be as clear up close). The leaves took a bit of a beating when it was outside last summer. This is the first growth, I'm hoping to see some more coming soon. -Pete
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    paph superbiens var. curtisii

    I bought this 18 months ago from Parkside Orchids. It's a large flower for such a small plant. Thanks Dot for the suggestion on where to take the photo. That seemed to give me enough lighting with a black background. -Pete
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    Paph argus

    It's from Orchid Inn. I see they still have some of that cross available - Paph. argus x sib ('Purple Wing' x Jumbo') -Pete
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    Paph argus I'm an infrequent poster, so I hope this works. I really liked this one, first time bloomer. -Pete
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    Paph. Uneme

    Hey Dot, is that the same plant that you posted a pic of in June 2008? If so, what a difference a year makes!
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    Phrag Jason Fischer

    Hey Dot, yup, that's taken with my new lens. It let's me get a lot more definition on the shots. And I'm using some of the hints you've given me on improving the photo quality. -Pete
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    Phrag Jason Fischer

    This is a first bloom seedling, bought as a compot many years ago (I hate to say how long). But it has finally bloomed for me. Hopefully this works, it's only my second posting. It was from Chuck Acker. I think the color is off a bit, it's actually a bit richer/darker. -Pete
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    Mem. Larry Heuer

    Hello all, my first attempt to post, hope it works (if not, I'll try again). Pics of my Mem. Larry Heuer, thanks to Dot. Hope you enjoy them. I've had this guy for 15 months. -Pete