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  1. Yanina78

    Sun Moon Orchids

    Hello people! I am from Ukraine and I work with Sun Moon second year. I can not say something bad about this vendor. He and his wife are very pleasant people. I agree, that not all plants are still alive after my last autumn order, but last time my plants from Sun Moon were very long time in...
  2. Yanina78

    Hello all!

    Hello :) Приятно увидеть однополчан на англоязычном форуме :) Nice to see fellow soldiers in the English speaking forum :)
  3. Yanina78

    Hello from Ukraine!

    Hello, my name is Yana, I am from Ukraine (not Russia), but we are talking russian ;) I have very hard orchid sickness :D, now I collecting SHOES - slippers, sneakers and so on ... and I need to have all of them :drool:
  4. Yanina78

    My collection of flasks

    Wau!!! Very impressive! I have 4 paph hybrid flasks too. Now, I am going to sow the seeds of phalaenopsis and vandopsis own production :rollhappy: