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    Is this normal??

    Hello all, here are a few of my pap's being in bud now since oct/nov. There is no further growing the last 7 weeks and i hope they are not drying out. i didn't change a lot, a little less water together with a little cooler like every winter in my flat. Do i have to do something different, last...
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    One of my surprise noID's i inherited, it blooms first time and i have no idea what it is, but i like it, Falk
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    Paph. Mar New

    Hello everybody, wish you a great year 2015! I got as a present a Paph Mar New freshly imported and potted as a BS one growth plant in good condition. I have quite a few different crossings with adductum/anitum, so my friend ordered this for me knowing that it is my first one. I wonder that...
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    Questions about water

    Hello, i don't want to get on nerves with silly questions about watering, but i'm new here and didn't find any answer to my questions reading older threads. So first: 3 years ago i got from an old woman in our neighborhood a quite big and old collection of Paphiopedilum from her died...