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    Phrag. QF Ula'ula 'Buck Moon' HCC/AOS

    Haley Decker x Eric Young 'Rocket Fire'
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    Pink Parvis

    Pink and white, I guess. delenatii (dark and typical), vietnamense and Lynleigh Koopowitz. Magic Lantern is developing still, but not far behind.
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    Phrag. Ecuagenera Dream ‘Strawberry Moon’ HCC/AOS

    Awarded last night in San Francisco. Named for the full moon of June - and the round pink pouch.
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    Phragmipedium manzurii

    A cute little one from Ecuagenera This plant is quite a bit smaller than my typical Phrag. schlimii, the leaves are a third as long or less, the flowers are smaller as well.
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    Phrag La Vingtaine des Mathias

    (Sunset Glow x kovachii) it seems from the size of the plant and flower that the Sunset Glow might have been a tetraploid At first I was disappointed with this one because the petals seemed very wavy and short but it turns out they were still growing, they stretched out nicely and the flower...
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    Phrag Tupac Amaru

    I haven't seen my pictures online, it's Peruflora's Cirila Alca x kovachii So 75% kovachii, 25% dalessandroi this is when it was first opening, next to a couple other kovachii hybrids. This one has some nice kovachii traits, but also some unfortunate ones: the petals reflex and lighten...
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    Paph Liberty Taiwan ‘Wolf Moon’ HCC/AOS

    Named in honor of last night’s Wolf Moon, as it opened yesterday afternoon
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    Phrag QF Pink Frill

    Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' 4N x Eumelia Arias I haven't been able to find many good pictures of this cross online, so I thought I'd put these ones out there, even though the flower has a slight (ploidy-related?) deformity. This is the first bloom off this seedling, it's still opening but...
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    Paph Lola Bird

    I’m having trouble finding this for sale in the US. Does anyone have one they’d sell, trade, or any leads on where I could get one? Thanks!
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    Phrag Yelva Myhre 'Oxblood' AM/AOS

    I love the deep red color on this one and it has some size from kovachii It was awarded this month in San Francisco. This is the first flowering of this plant and now its on its second flower of the inflorescence. Flower Plant
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    Paphiopedilum Snow Cloud 'Michal' AM/AOS

    Snow Cloud is Paph. Fanaticum x Paph. emersonii This is a special plant to me it received an AM/AOS in November at Pacific central judging in San Francisco. The clonal name is after my best friend :) There's a closeup, full view and next to my Paph. Memoria Larry Heuer