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  1. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    I know I love looking at other people’s plants roots so thought I would share. I got this Phrag richteri last October and it had maybe 6 or 8 ok roots at the time. I repotted into large bark, medium lava rock, charcoal, lots and lots of perlite and top dressed with tree fern fiber. Seems to have...
  2. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Pearcei - first Phrag to flower for me!

    Hi everyone! I got started on Phrags around this same time last year and Phrag pearcei was one of the first I bought. And it’s the first one to flower for me in my care. Super excited! It’s 100% worth the wait and work. I know there’s fancier flowers but since it’s my first “child” it’s my fave...
  3. Jenny St. Michel

    Bonsai Mixes?

    Hello, I’ve been reading up on Bonsai mixes lately and wondering if anyone else has ever used for Phrags. I was looking at Bonsai Jacks site and specifically like all the details they provide about the mixes. Seems like they could work well... anyhow any input would be appreciated 😊
  4. Jenny St. Michel

    Florida Phrag Nursery Recommendations

    Hi Everyone! My family and I are going on a vacation to the Tampa area in a couple weeks and I’m hoping to visit a couple orchid nurseries/greenhouses. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? I heard of a road full of orchid greenhouses in Apopka but also heard most places are closed...
  5. Jenny St. Michel

    Please Help with Phrag Lower Leaves Dying

    Hello Everyone, I have 3 Phrags and 2 of them are doing great but my Nichole Tower is having some problems. Below are the details. Problem: I’ve lost 2 lower leaves and a third is on its way. The symptoms start as yellowing intervenal clorosis. Green veins yellowing leaf, followed by leaf tips...
  6. Jenny St. Michel

    Fertilizer Question

    Hi everyone! I’ve been using a MSU fertilizer and will soon be ready to get some more but want to change brands. The fertilizer I have now is a mix of little balls/capsules and powder/tiny granules. So my question is: When I measure out a scoop do I get an accurate amount of nutrients? I try and...
  7. Jenny St. Michel

    Hello! New member username help

    Hi everyone. I just created an account and accidentally used my full name. Does anyone know how to change your profile name? Sorry my first question is a dumb one!!!! Way to start out... lol