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  1. Geraldine

    Cochineal on my haynaldianum ...please help

    Good evening Paph’s lovers ! One week ago, I have noticed white stuff before the wonderful flowers of my haynaldianum (one hamp). This one has/had 2 hamps, multifloral. Today, I saw much more of this white stuff and after some research, I came to the conclusion that it was cochineals :oops: I...
  2. Geraldine

    Any advice for this beauty ?

    Good Afternoon ! I bought this beauty one week ago and I do not know the specific care to provide....any good advice please ? (I am living in an apartment, temperature: around 22 °C). Many thanks :)))) Géraldine from Geneva
  3. Geraldine

    Paps Charlesworthii and Paph bellatum x exul

    Good evening Paph lovers ! Can anyone advise how to take care to those species please ? ( I am living in an appartement, in Switzerland) I bought them last May, they are doing well with many new beautiful green leaves but I don’t know when is their blooming period and for example if they must...
  4. Geraldine

    Help for my paphio hirsutissimum

    Good evening path lovers 🥰, My paphio hirsutissimum looked ok and was in a good shape two-three days ago when I watered it. ....but today, I noticed that 😖 (please see the pictures) Please can someone tell me what is the issue ? I usually water it once per week (no bath as advise by the...
  5. Geraldine

    Ebay: bad experience with an UK seller and willing to buy from Germany now

    Dear All, I a real beginner in paphiopedilum and I am very excited for acquiring new ones :):):):) I just had a bad experience with a seller based in UK :( and I am ready to close a deal for 4 paths from "orchideenhausasien" on Ebay. Do you know this seller ? Also, I will be really happy to...
  6. Geraldine

    Brown spots on leaves

    Hello ! Can someone help me : I have spots on my paphio (american type)...what's happen ? Many thanks :) Géraldine
  7. Geraldine

    Hi ! I am Géraldine from Switzerland

    Good afternoon ! I am a very beginner in paphiopedilum :) ....and already have a bad experience with a purchase on Ebay... I also have a question for one of my paphto who shows brown spots under the leaves but I dont know how to post pictures o_O Thanks in advance for your advices and...