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  1. Hoppy

    Will the real Coelogyne flaccida please stand up

    I made a couple of impulse buys off AU eBay. Both were labelled as Coelogyne flaccida. There are a few differences that make me think one is an imposter. Plant 1 Dorsal sepal is erect Lip has the yellow bar but sides are orange. Stunning rich floral fragrance Plant 2 Sepals, both dorsal...
  2. Hoppy

    Paphiopedilum Pepperpuddle

    As requested by fibre. P. Pepperpuddle ( P. spicerianum x P. F.C. Puddle) started opening over the weekend. Not quite fully open yet, the dorsal sepal is still a little cupped. It may be 56.25% spicerianum but I don’t remember the dorsal sepal reflexing last year. I’ll have to wait and see.
  3. Hoppy

    Variation in Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    I bought 2 Paph. spicerianum seedlings, 1 from grower A and 1 from grower B. Grower B had also bought seedlings from Grower A, so originally it was assumed that I had bought pod/ flask sibs. But I think not. These are first flowers of both. Photo 1 shows the variation in leaf shape between the...
  4. Hoppy

    The little Paph. insigne

    I thought I should put up a couple of pics of my “little Paph” now the flowers have opened. They have actually been open a few weeks. I think Fred had good taste in his orchids and I will be eternally grateful for his gift, even though it started me on the slippery slope that is orchid hoarding.
  5. Hoppy

    The story of a small Paph

    First contact... I have been watching you all from afar for a year now. Studying you all. Quietly learning. Not feeling I had anything to add... Back in December 2015, I received a small, unlabelled single fan of a slipper orchid. It was a ‘going away present’ from a patient named Fred when...