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    My two different Paphiopedilum exul clons

    I'm sure there's many!
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    My two different Paphiopedilum exul clons

    I like this flower but it is very different in both shape and colour from other P. exuls I have seen. Is there a possibility it has some hybrid blood?
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

    That's for sure! 🙄
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    Slc. Love Fresh 'Peter' x Lc. Dennis Olivas 'The Best': first bloom seedling!

    With hybrid seedlings the price of plants is usually fairly reasonable but the results generally very unpredictable. If you don't like to gamble, better get a mericlone (and considering the risk of mutations occuring during the cloning process, you're still gambling). In the case of this...
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    Slc. Love Fresh 'Peter' x Lc. Dennis Olivas 'The Best': first bloom seedling!

    Yes, probably the colour would be better but it's too cold right now to take it outside for a photo and the daylight in Vancouver is also not that bright except on exceptional days. The background paint is also pale yellow so that doesn't provide much contrast. I will have to try again next...
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    Slc. Love Fresh 'Peter' x Lc. Dennis Olivas 'The Best': first bloom seedling!

    Hi! Just thought I'd post a few snaps of this new hybrid I received from Fred Clarke the last time he visited the Vancouver Orchid Society (I believe it was Sept. 2018). It grows well under HID lamps. I showed the hybridizer the photos and his comment was "this is the only one I have seen...
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    Rot at base of Prince Edward of York

    Good luck with this problem. I haven't had much success treating bacterial or fungal infections once it reaches the base of the fan: in most cases the growing point has been contaminated or soon will be. It's a sad situation especially if the plant in question is rare. If the spot is above...
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    Paph. sukhakulii forma album in bloom!

    Hi, everyone! I've had this plant since 2014 and only now has it made its first bloom. It's slow growing and tends to form roots a bit high on the stem so you need to repot fairly often and bury the lower leaf bases in the substrate. Other than those issues it seems fairly trouble free. It's...
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    Paph emersonii

    Unusual colour form! 🥇
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    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. aureum

    Beautiful! On such a small plant, too!
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    Paph volonteanum leaves yellowing

    Just in case it is a fungal infection I would treat it with a systemic fungicide such as Benomyl. A weak solution (about 1.5 percent) of hydrogen peroxide can also be applied to the whole plant and watered into the substrate. Good luck!
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    Paphiopedilum venustum

    Usually the petals reflex back once the flower is fully open. Only select clones stay flat, like P. venustum 'Marjorie'. I suspect many such clones actually have some hybrid blood in them. Some very nice venustum hybrids can easily be mistaken for venustum but have enhanced colour and form...
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    Cattleya eldorado

    Very nice deep colour for a C. eldorado. Shape is not bad, either. In Canada these plants are seldom seen.
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    Paphiopedilum Oberhausen's Rubin

    You have only flowered it twice in 13 years but this is due to the very deliberate growth in your plant's case, not due to poor culture. Congratulations on re-flowering: I think it was worth waiting for!
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    Paphiopedilum insigne

    You have a healthy, normal insigne with a nice flower. The amount of white in the dorsal sepal varies from plant to plant. I would increase the pot size a little and give it good culture with I-C conditions and only a little fertilizer every third watering. In time, if you are successful, you...
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    Paph. sukhakulii gone wrong

    The fact that it previously flowered normally is interesting. I know that genetic variation occurs sometimes from flower to flower on one raceme or panicle. Spotting patterns, in particular, can vary a lot from bloom to bloom and some flowers can be either normal or abnormal on the same stalk...
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    Habenaria medusae x sib

    Hi! I have some experience growing this species. What I have found is that they need a lot of regular watering once Summer arrives and not too high a level of light: no direct sun. The leaf tips tend to dry out if you miss even one watering when temperatures are warm and they benefit from...