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    cattleya labiata rubra

    A classic. Nice.
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    Cattleya labiata semialba pentapincelada ‘Solar Flare’ AM/AOS

    Nice plant! Congrats on the well deserved award.
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    cattleya aurea #2

    Beautiful. This is somewhat late in the season for aurea. Does it always bloom this time of year for you or was this in a second growth of the season?
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    Cattleya guttata season

    Cattleya guttata coerulea and spotless. Both plants are a little over 2.5ft tall and appear to be mature at that size. Bloom like clockwork in the fall. Has a narrower lip, more yellowish vs. brownish and somewhat smaller flowers than tigrina, which blooms more in the late spring. In guttata...
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    Cattleya Carmen(?)

    Not out of line in size for a good trianae, but that species blooms Christmas to Feb after a clear rest, almost always with only 2 blooms per inflorescence and the petals are usually much rounder and sometimes overlapping near the column. Not sure what it is, but beautiful none the less.
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    cattleya lueddemanniana s/a Cerro Verde

    The thinking is that the unique winged column on lueddemanniana is missing on 'CV' suggests that it is of hybrid origin as this is very stable in lueddemanniana and not present in other unilofiates. CV also has pretty rounded leaves and most lueddemannianas are more pointy. Does't take anything...
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    What does line-breeding actually mean?

    I just got a flask of your cross from Troy Meyers ('Inti' x 'Killa') Will let you know how it goes. I think the Fred Clarke version is seed, only replate most vigorous protocorms (cull rest), at replate only replate best, biggest growers (cull rest), deflask and only plant out most mature plants...
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    Cattleya maxima semi alba ‘La pedrena’

    I've never seen a maxima S/A that didn't have a blush of color in the veins of the petals. Well grown and very nice.
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    cattleya kerrii

    5 flowers is a lot for kerrii. Nice clone and well grown. Bravo. For those curious, kerrii is an unusual, small (6-8" high) "bifoliate" cattleya that almost always only has one leaf. Found in a small area of coastal brazil, intermediate to warm. Likes high humidity and to be well watered in growth.
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    Laelia pumila coerulea

    Thanks. I have a cross with da Rosinha in it, but not familiar with Nr. 2. Mine has a similar very dark coerulea lip.
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    Laelia pumila coerulea

    Nice. Do you know the parents?
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    Cattleya root growth and mesh pots

    Hi David, I've personally come to the conclusion that trying to grow species cattleyas in bark, in plastic pots and watering once a week is on the hairy edge of disaster with regard to root health and proper hydration. I'm inclined to paraphrase Ray that the problem most orchids experience is...
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    Paphiopedilum moquettianum and liemanianum

    The leimianum had a near death experience and this was a soloniferous offset. The main plant died, so single growth, first blooming. Main plant was somewhat larger, near the size of the moquettianum. Size of plants is larger than they appear in the photos compared to the flowers. Pretty wide...
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    Paphiopedilum moquettianum and liemanianum

    Close relatives. Have glaucophyllum in bud and will add that for comparison shortly. 1st both, 2nd liemanianum, 3rd moquettianum
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    Paphiopedilum stonei

    One of my favorite Paphs. Clone from Fred Clarke. Only 2 blooms this year.
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    The 'water twice' approach to watering

    Food for thought. The reason it is so hard to make a general recommendation is that orchids occupy a lot of different niches and get exposed to a lot of different moisture and nutrient availability regimens. Think of a Tolumnia with its roots mostly in the air and infrequent heavy rain vs. a...
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    Cattleya eldorado semialba flame ‘Golden Trumpet’ AM/AOS (syn: wallisii)

    Wondering how you grow it. Have seen it in the wild and can say it was oppressively hot and humid in the day and was just uncomfortable and sweaty at night. Is your apartment like Manaus or is this more tolerant of lower temps than my experience in habitat?
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    Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘helle’ and a mystery

    Thanks. I've never really thought too much about this as I grow mostly species, but I believe you are correct. It's funny as one of the few hybrids I have is Hardyana and not x hardyana. x hardyana would be for plants found in the wild and Hardyana would be used for the cross made in...
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    Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘helle’ and a mystery

    Hi David, I don't mean to say what the RHS (or growers) calls the cross x hardyana x self isn't "hardyana", I mean the genetics of the plant. In x hardyana you have 50:50 contribution from both parents, but those can re-assort in the next generation of x hardyana x self (or sib) in that the...
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    Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘helle’ and a mystery

    Nice David! I have a couple of lueddemanniana clones that bloom twice per year with the second bloom around this time. I've read that in the the Victorian era, lueddemanniana was considered a tough to bloom plant in Europe due to the challenge of keeping it warm enough and enough light in...