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  1. Redtwist

    Oil and Acrylic Paintings of my Slippers

    Many thanks Ray. I find slippers so inspiring to paint, and working with the plant in front of me really allows me to see every detail. Chris
  2. Redtwist

    Oil and Acrylic Paintings of my Slippers

    Hi Dr. Leslie, Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I do commissions! I don’t seem to be able to pm you (at least not from my phone). Please email me through my website and we can discuss. Best regards Chris
  3. Redtwist

    Paph.parishii ('Jeanie' x 'Andy')

    Thanks. I agree, a deeper burgundy colour this time.
  4. Redtwist

    Paph.parishii ('Jeanie' x 'Andy')

    Second flowering of this one. 7 blooms this time.
  5. Redtwist

    Paph. Memoria Joan Levy

    Second flowering of this plant. (Probably my favourite) One less flower than last time but more consistent flower shape and much longer petals, which I put down to a warmer location.
  6. Redtwist

    Paphiopedilum Wössner Tigerhenry

    Cracking! 👏👏
  7. Redtwist

    Paph. Yellow Tiger

    I think that’s a question for the RHS! Another example of the botanists retrofitting species and their hybrids, I think. I have seen more recently some nurseries in Europe selling this cross as Stone Praetorian, but most seem to prefer YT for both the stonei and platy crosses. For what it’s...
  8. Redtwist

    Paph. Yellow Tiger

    Very nice. Yellow Tiger is platyphyllum x glanduliferum (unless you don’t recognise platy as a separate species to stonei). Stonei x glanduliferum is registered as P.Stone Praetorian. For some reason nurseries don’t seem to recognise that name, I suspect because Yellow Tiger sounds cooler! Chris
  9. Redtwist

    Phragmipedium besseae painting

    Hi Rich, I do sell and ship to the US, I just had to take online ordering off my site due to the seesawing cost of shipping (it was either under or over-charging customers!) If you are interested let me know and I can pm you a quote. Best regards, Chris
  10. Redtwist

    Paph. Lebeau

    Fantastic colour and shape
  11. Redtwist

    Phragmipedium besseae painting

    Many thanks Ray
  12. Redtwist

    Phrag. Cuzco Blood 'Twin Sisters' AM/AOS (Mem. Dick Clements x humboldtii)

    That’s a stunning Phrag. Congratulations
  13. Redtwist

    Phragmipedium besseae painting

    Here is a recent painting I did based on another growers impressive three-flowered besseae. I tried to give an overview of the species, showing its various forms and a vignette of an imagined patch of suitable wild habitat. Hope you like. Chris, UK Ps. It is still for sale, please pm if you are...
  14. Redtwist

    Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids

    Sad news. Hadley came to the UK a few years ago to talk to us at the British Paph Society. He was utterly charming and so knowledgeable. A great loss to the slipper scene.
  15. Redtwist

    Paph stonei “simple” single flower

    That’s a quality bloom. At least you know you have a cracking plant for future flowerings. Worth the wait.
  16. Redtwist

    Compact Multi vs. Not So Compact

    Lovely looking, healthy plants. I have one of the same WBW cross from Sam - such a vigorous grower! Here’s what you can expect (or similar) 😁
  17. Redtwist

    Paph. Haur Ji Lucky ??

    Yes, tried that, but unfortunately no response. Probably worried I want a refund!
  18. Redtwist

    Paph. Haur Ji Lucky ??

    Thanks for your thoughts - I have had a few suggestions from various sources, from being correct, to either Hung Sheng Eagle or Shin Yi Formosa (gig x lady Isabel). I guess I will never know for sure, but tend to agree with DrLeslieEe that it seems too skinny for HSEagle, and I would expect...
  19. Redtwist

    Paph. Haur Ji Lucky ??

    Bought as P.Haur Ji Lucky (gigantifolium x adductum) from Asendorfer in Germany, but not sure the label is correct - certainly not like other examples of this hybrid online. Looks to me like there has to be some roth in the mix. What do people think?
  20. Redtwist

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    Gorgeous MK and a wonderful photo. That strong lighting from above is really dramatic.