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    Slc. Love Fresh 'Peter' x Lc. Dennis Olivas 'The Best': first bloom seedling!

    Hi! Just thought I'd post a few snaps of this new hybrid I received from Fred Clarke the last time he visited the Vancouver Orchid Society (I believe it was Sept. 2018). It grows well under HID lamps. I showed the hybridizer the photos and his comment was "this is the only one I have seen...
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    Paph. sukhakulii forma album in bloom!

    Hi, everyone! I've had this plant since 2014 and only now has it made its first bloom. It's slow growing and tends to form roots a bit high on the stem so you need to repot fairly often and bury the lower leaf bases in the substrate. Other than those issues it seems fairly trouble free. It's...
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    Paph. leucochilum in bloom

    Here is a photo of a Paph. leucochilum that I currently have in flower. It is not exceptional in flower quality as the spotting pattern, at least on this flowering, is a bit uneven. However, it is a true leucochilum: zero spots on the pouch.