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    Phrag Eumelia Arias

    First bloom for this one. It's fragrant at times. It's from Sam via John Marcotte.
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    Phrags in situ

    I recently stumbled across this Ecuagenera video on the Phrags of Ecuador. I learned a few things, so I'm sharing it:
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    Phal parishii peloric

    This is the only plant that I have from an outcross that I made with normal parents. It was a pleasant surprise.
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    Cyp. guttatum

    It survived the hot summer here last year! Two of it's three growths turned black last year but they are all back stronger this year. It didn't flower last year.
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    Cyp tibeticum

    I got this last fall when Mrs Perner came to town. We've had unseasonably cool temperatures so it hasn't really been tested yet. It had a spectacular root system. Bareroot it looked like a string mop.
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    Dendrobium rindjaniense

    I haven't had this one for very long. It seems to be doing fine under cooler conditions. The shape of the pseudobulbs is quite different.
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    Orchid Growing Robots

    Who knew robots were so interested in growing orchids? From the Who is online link: Robot: Google Viewing thread phrag andean tears, A moment ago Guest Viewing thread Lady Slipper Jungle, A moment ago Guest Viewing forum Slipper Orchid Culture, A moment ago Robot: Google Viewing thread...
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    Here's a couple of Soph acuensis on the left and a cross between acuensis and wittigiana on the right. It's amazing how much these flowers expand after opening. (I know they're supposed to be Cattleyas, but I'm waiting for a second opinion.)
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    Phrag Yelva Myhre "Bloody Mary" AM/AOS

    A friend asked me post this picture of his recently awarded Yelva Myhre. It got 80 points at the Essex show.
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    Phrag besseae

    I've had this one since it was a protocorm in the mid '90's. I bought a flask from Huronview Nurseries in Ontario. It's had a couple of near death experiences over the years, but it's survived along with a couple of siblings. It's pretty good for such an oldie. NS is 7.4, PW is 2.6 and it's...
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    PeruFlora's Cirilia Alca

    This one just opened. I crossed it with my kovachii last year. The result should be like Phrag Apollo hopefully. and a photo of the plant I've been growing this one cool for the last year. It's too big to fit under the lights upstairs.
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    Masdevallia nicaraguae

    This one is not very big, but it's pleasantly fragrant.
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    Dracuvallia Dracula's Bane

    This is a cross between Masd triangularis and Dracula vampira. It got a lot of the Dracula's size and a bit of it's pattern.
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    Soph Dagmar's Delight

    This is a cross between Soph acuensis and wittigeana (rosea). The flower is close to 3 inches.
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    Phrag kovachii

    The flower has been open for a couple of days. Also a couple of plant shots for Eric. I've been growing it at room temperature. The spike is a lot shorter this year. I usually have to move it to the basement so the spike doesn't hit the lights.
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    Hartwegia angustifolia

    Also known as Nageliella and now apparently reclassified as Domingoa. The lip almost forms a pouch. Sorry for the lousy picture. Not the easiest thing to photograph with a crummy camera, especially when the flowers are all upside down. I'll try and get a better one.
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    Phrag kovachii

    These have been out of flask for a couple of weeks. No casualties so far. Thanks to Elisio for posting his formula for the medium. There was a time when people wouldn't share their secret recipes. They're in a 3" pot. They're a bit small and crowded because I didn't replate them, but they'll...
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    Phrag Barbara LeAnn

    This is one J. P. Faust's crosses. First time blooming. It's quite compact
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    Den glomeratum X cuthbersonii

    This one is from Ecuagenera.
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    Yellow besseae - Interesting Deformity

    This just opened yesterday. First flowering for me. The bottom half of one of the petals thinks it should be part of the pouch. It has fenestrations! Closeup from the back with backlighting.