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    New pest in United States

    The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has reported a new pest in the United States. The Spotted Lanternfly, a plant hopper from Asia, has the potential to harm various crops and forests. I don't know if orchids are a potential host, but thought the information should be passed...
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    Paph delenatii vinicolor leaves

    Hi all, new here, so i apologize in advance if this ought to be posted with the newbie questions. I love ... LOVE ... the leaves of Paph delenatii vinicolor, especially the dark border on the upper surface of the leaves. Is there anyone propagating these plants with an eye toward enhancing...
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    Hello from Oregon

    I'm new to orchid care. I have a couple of noid Paphs from the box stores and a delenatii seedling I bought via ebay. I have a few other types of 'chids, but have limited my purchases until I've kept these plants alive for awhile. I look forward to learning more on this forum. Cheers!