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    appletonianum v hainanense

    Just gorgeous!
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    Paphiopedilum purpuratums: A Family in Bloom

    Wonderful! I love these too.
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    Paph. sangii

    Wow that's wonderful culture! Could you tell us how you grow it? Especially what it's potted in, and how big is that pot, 6 inches?
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    These are so wonderfully grown. What a pleasure it is to see them.
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    Dendrobium Enobi Purple ‘Splash’ AM/AOS

    You are doing really well. This plant can have lots of flowers, and another bonus is it will bloom on both old and new growth.
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling help requested

    Hi I'm in Chicago as well. Do you use RO water at all times? It will make a huge difference for this plant. Use 80% RO and 10% tap water. Very little fertilizer if any for a while. Looks like it could have been rot that killed your old growth. Remove dead leaves for sure.
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    cattleya dormanniana

    So nice!
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    Paph purpuratum x wardii showing off

    That's one good looking show off!
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    Cattleya velutina

    Vvvery nice!
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    Cattleya violacea alba

    When you tire of it, may I have it? But seriously, can you give some culture tips? I have a semi-alba that could be doing better.
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    Bulbo tingabarinum

    You took some great pictures! Tingabarinum is a marvelous Bulbo.
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    Paph. Wössner Wolke

    So wonderful!
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    Gardens and greenhouses in or around Chicago (and anything else worth visiting there)

    I'm a native Chicagoan and I like Lincoln Park Conservatory. They have an orchid room and a beautiful fern room. Beautiful outdoor gardens as well, and the Zoo is right there. Across the street in the Belmont Stratford is Mon Ami Gabi. Going there for dinner is like going to Paris for an...
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    Paph Magic Lantern fma. albescens

    I think these are wonderful. I you are ever dividing that beauty I'd like to be first in line.
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    Bulbophyllum treschii

    Great yellow octopus you have there! Would you mind giving some culture tips? Especially how bright you grow it. I have one which has been growing well for the last year, but has not bloomed. I have it in bright Phal conditions. Love Bulbo just haven't figured them out yet.
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    Paph. Lady Isabel first bloom

    How wonderful! One of my favorite multi hybrids.
  18. J

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Spectacular show of your collection! You took a beautiful photo of the stonii.
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    Pleurothallis niveoglobula

    Wonderful! Beautiful leaves and charming flowers.