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    Bud fest II

    Few buds opened and a few more buds appeared (six henryanums from six different growers): hangianum: argus, concolor, wenshanense, tranlienianum: fairrieanum: malipoense, wardii album, micranthum
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    Hengduan Biotech

    Glad to hear it! They currently have paph canhii available.
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    Bud fest II

    First open bud, henryanum (Jinx x Hoodview). I like the spots on the dorsal. Petals a little wonky though. Hopefully the second bud will open more fully.
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    Hengduan Biotech

    What are peoples experiences purchasing paphs from here?
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    Looking for: Angraecum distichum

    I bought a beautiful one from Gold Country orchids about a year ago. It's bloomed twice. Are you going to the Sacramento orchid meeting next week? I have a piece which broke off mine. If you want it it's yours.
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    Bud fest II

    Since I put a wet wall in my grow room my plants have been taking off. I had a lot of bud blast last year during the warmer temps. Now when the garage is 95 the room only gets about 82. Humidity is about 75%. First has tonsum, gratrixianum, wardii, spicey henry, barbigerum, micranthm, two...
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    brachypetalum flask progress

    I've grown a couple of brachy flasks before, but usually only about a third of the seedlings survived. These two are doing so well I'm afraid to repot them. These are leuchochilum & leuchochilum x vietnamense. Both were only supposed to have about 12 seedlings. These are only about 4 months out...
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    A few new blooms

    Barbara Larkin, Henryanum, helenae Not necessarily in that order ...
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    Bought two small seedlings from Windy Hill less than a year ago. First one is now blooming. They are each producing 3-5 new growths.
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    Bud Fest

    Windy Hill Orchids.
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    Rootless paph

    put it in a zip lock bag with damp spagnum and fill it with air.
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    Paphiopedilum leucochilum x vietnamense

    Even with the petals, the flower has a lot of character. I like it.
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    Paphiopedilum leucochilum x vietnamense

    Bought a flask of these. Now I know what I'll see in a few years! How long have you had this?
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    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt ‘Anitchka’ AM

    Nice plant Ramon! I saw one just like it in Sacramento recently ...
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    Antioch California. Where salt water comes from the tap and the temps reach 115F ... I have a grow room in my garage. I recently installed a wet wall and temp controlled fan. So far it doesn't get over ~78F. Not the hot part of the year yet. We'll see how hot it gets when it's over 100 outside.
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    Four bloomin' phrags

    bessea Don Wimber Elizabeth Castle Inca treasure
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    Bud Fest

    A few more: three acmodontums from three different vendors and a virens. Have to work on the lighting.
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    Paph Pal

    Don't give up. It gets about 110F here. I have kept some alive (barely) for almost a year. Peak temp in my grow room was about 90F. Have a wet wall and temp controlled fan installed now. Hopefully it will be cooler.
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    Paph Pal

    Well ... Someone's culture is on track. I bought it at California Orchids over the weekend. Bolinas is usually in the low 50's at night. Hope it looks like this next time it blooms!