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  1. OrchidIsa

    Masdevallia Whiskers

    Love love love!!!!
  2. OrchidIsa

    bougainvilleanum opening

    Oh... delicate beauty! I totally love it!
  3. OrchidIsa

    Paph. hainanense

    I have no words!!
  4. OrchidIsa


  5. OrchidIsa

    Cymbidium hookerianum

    What a beauty!!
  6. OrchidIsa

    Paph. wilhelminae

    Amazing! Both pictures and flowers :)
  7. OrchidIsa

    Helen Congleton

    Oh wow :) Beauty!
  8. OrchidIsa

    Paph. delenatii variations

    Love them all! Beautiful :) Thanks for the family pictures ;)
  9. OrchidIsa

    Micranthum v eburneum

  10. OrchidIsa

    Paph micranthum

    Another first for me! Got this plant 3 years ago (or is it 4?) The spike appeared in fall 2016 but stayed low and still for a year. Fall 2017, it started to grow again and bloomed for me!!! I never thought I would be able to bloom a micranthum but yes, I am! I find the flower really great, even...
  11. OrchidIsa

    Paphiopedilum tranlienianum

  12. OrchidIsa

    Paph Cam's cloud

    ... it might improve but somewhere else ;)
  13. OrchidIsa


    Nope :) Not all... look at my Cam’s cloud ;)
  14. OrchidIsa


    A regular, often in bloom but sooooo cute :) For me, the shape is perfect and I love the colours! Spicerianum by Isa Belle
  15. OrchidIsa


    This one is awesome!! Admit it lol I totally love this one!! :smitten: Tranlienianum by Isa Belle
  16. OrchidIsa

    Paph Cam's cloud

    I got this one last Spring, in bud. It blasted. This time, on the new growth, it bloomed! Can't say I'm in love though... Showing it here but will sale the plant. Not my favorite but an easy grower! cam complet by Isa Belle cam profil by Isa Belle cam4 by Isa Belle
  17. OrchidIsa

    Paph venustum

    First flowering for me for this one! I love it, even if it's not the best I've seen :) venustum3 by Isa Belle
  18. OrchidIsa

    Harold Koopowitz

    Super nice flower!! Wow! Pretty plant too! Well done :clap:
  19. OrchidIsa

    Calvert Sunrise

    What a beauty! Really like it! :clap:
  20. OrchidIsa

    Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz

    Wow! Gorgeous one!