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    Paph volonteanum leaves yellowing

    theres a new leaf that is the correct color... i did cut the yellowed leaves off... just waiting to see how it fares...
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    Paph volonteanum leaves yellowing

    heres a close up of plant from before i purchased it... i went back to review it an you cab see leaf bases of the now yellowed leaves were already yellow... does this mean crown rot or some chronic condition? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Chris
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    Paph volonteanum leaves yellowing

    Hi all, New to forum..thought id ask for help. New P. volonteanum just arrived a week or so ago... it had some discolor to leaves when it arrived...yellowing and the crease in the top leaf had an orange-ish color... it had one active growing root (potted in 100% sphagnum) and i transplant to...