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  1. OrchidIsa

    Paph micranthum

    Another first for me! Got this plant 3 years ago (or is it 4?) The spike appeared in fall 2016 but stayed low and still for a year. Fall 2017, it started to grow again and bloomed for me!!! I never thought I would be able to bloom a micranthum but yes, I am! I find the flower really great, even...
  2. OrchidIsa


    A regular, often in bloom but sooooo cute :) For me, the shape is perfect and I love the colours! Spicerianum by Isa Belle
  3. OrchidIsa


    This one is awesome!! Admit it lol I totally love this one!! :smitten: Tranlienianum by Isa Belle
  4. OrchidIsa

    Paph Cam's cloud

    I got this one last Spring, in bud. It blasted. This time, on the new growth, it bloomed! Can't say I'm in love though... Showing it here but will sale the plant. Not my favorite but an easy grower! cam complet by Isa Belle cam profil by Isa Belle cam4 by Isa Belle
  5. OrchidIsa

    Paph venustum

    First flowering for me for this one! I love it, even if it's not the best I've seen :) venustum3 by Isa Belle
  6. OrchidIsa

    Water, oh! water!

    I'm posting this today, hoping someone can help... I'll try to explain myself the best I could so the details are complete. Feel free to ask if something seems blurry :) So. I don't live in a place serviced with city water so I have a well. I got that water tested a few years ago (standard...
  7. OrchidIsa

    Paph lowii

    Here it is again! Its best performance to date :) IMG_0032 by Isa Belle, sur Flickr IMG_0036 by Isa Belle, sur Flickr IMG_0035 by Isa Belle, sur Flickr
  8. OrchidIsa

    Phal and masdie

    For those who like bellina, this one I think is pretty good! And I finally got my masd mejiana... I totally love it! The tip of the petal dried but the other flowers are perfect... and the perfume too! (Didn't take the time to take more pics :crazy: )
  9. OrchidIsa

    Neofinetia Myengwol

    OH MY !! So happy with this one... :drool:
  10. OrchidIsa

    Neofinetia Soubiryu

    In bloom... :smitten:
  11. OrchidIsa

    Paph hookerae

    I was waiting for this one!! 3 or 4 years, can't remember... ;) So beautiful!
  12. OrchidIsa

    Paph urbanianum

    First blooming for this plant. A little jewel, with an extra part :)
  13. OrchidIsa

    Winter beauties

    A mix of what is in bloom actually, at home! Angraecum urschianum Sophronitis cernua Coelogyne 'unchained melody' Neofinetia kibana Leptotes bicolor
  14. OrchidIsa

    Phrag Elfin's candy

    So sweet! Sweet as a candy ;)
  15. OrchidIsa

    Paph bellatulum

    Yay ! First bella here, first bloom... LOVE it! :drool:
  16. OrchidIsa

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    Got this one last year (in 2015 I mean ;) ) from John M. First blooming here, four flowers.
  17. OrchidIsa

    Bunch of beauties

    Since I stopped my orchidarium, all of my plants are in my personnal office at home. All plants are doing so well and are blooming (almost) like crazy!! Here are a few of them. Hope you enjoy! ;) Sophronitis cernua (three flowers on the newer growth) Aerangis luteo alba rhodostica...
  18. OrchidIsa

    Mexipedium 'Oaxaca'

    I did it!!!!!! I once was sure the plant wouldn't survive... It arrived here (like 3 years ago) without any viable roots... but it grew some and now, it's rewarding me with a flower!! I love it so much! I lost the 'Windy Hill' I got though... This one is 'Oaxaca'.
  19. OrchidIsa

    Phal bellina

    I bought a new bellina last year to replace my old one that died from an unknow disease. This is its first flower, on its first spike. I really love it :drool:
  20. OrchidIsa

    Dendrobium Hibiki

    I totally looooove those pink sparkling flowers! :smitten: