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    So did Ron Lin of Sunnybank Orchids in Sydney, along with most of his miscellaneous genera. I use it to space the bark and to aid in drainage. It is light, it is inert (perhaps) and it has worked for me for many years. I do repot my slippers annually so there is probably not enough time for...
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    Ta Da ! Shade cloth soloution solved !

    Put the shade cloth/aluminet on the outside of the glasshouse if you have a heat problem, i.e. limit the amount of energy entering your greenhouse. See greenhouse effect and then think about it.
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    Peatmoss plus perlite and more media

    Quite a few people I know use it for Catts and Oncids. The mix they usually use is 6 parts perlite, 1 part peat and 2 parts crushed polystyrene which helps it stop setting. All add dolomite. The few who have tried this mix for Paphs have generally had disasters. I use the mix successfully for...
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    Orchiata bark

    There will always be plants that stop growing, grow poorly, refuse to flower, grow poor roots, etc. etc. To blame the media, fertiliser, water, or anything else on a sample size of one plant will more often than not lead to erroneous conclusions. If you are going to change any part of your...
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    Orchidwiz on Mac

    Does anyone here successfully run Orchidwiz on a Mac Computer?
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    Cattleya loddigesii var harrisoniana 'Jamie's Best' AM/AOS

    Streeter's Choice was always suspect, the selfing was intended to prove whether it was a true chance tetraploid from the cloning of a species or a hybrid. The amount and vast range of variation in the progeny from this selfing answers the question to my satisfaction. Not a conspiracy...
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    Cattleya loddigesii var harrisoniana 'Jamie's Best' AM/AOS

    From the photos obviously not a lodigessii, this F2 cross confirms it is a hybrid. I wonder what the other original parent was? Still, a very pretty Catt.
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    Paphs in ProMix

    Peat and perlite is a popular mix here for some genera. Catts and oncid inter generics. It is usually mixed with a ratio of 6 parts perlite to 1 part peat (Promix looks the reverse). It usually needs the addition of 2 parts crushed polystyrene to stop it "setting" like concrete. A grower...
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    Paphs in ProMix

    What is Promix?