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    Coelogyne and Cymbidium

    I've been concentrating on slippers but I want to try and do better on other orchids...can anyone suggest any TDS water and drying values for mainly Coelogyne but cymbidium too? I've grown Cymbidium for a few years but generally leave them to it...i would like to do a better job.
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    Phrag Caudatum culture

    I've been growing a Grande for 2.5 years, it's growing really well and has spiked so I've just treated myself to a Phrag caudatum. I fancied a species phrag to try but something similar. I was wondering can anyone tell me about what it's like to grow? My Grande is kept wet wet wet sitting in...
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    Paph philippinense care

    Does anyone have any culture advice, tips, stories or information on Paph philippinense please? Im looking for help with any growing quirks this plant has (wet/drying, water values, optimum temp and humidity). I grow similar paphs but i want to do a 10/10 job with this! Thanks!
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    Light meter

    Hi, i live in the Uk and light levels vary alot! I also like to use lights where possible, im not quite sure on light meters(camara) and all the different units of measurement, i would like to start recording something though. Is there anything on the market that i can leave on one of my plants...
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    St Swithin advice

    Hi, ive been growing phrags for 18months, i've just ordered myself a Bs Paph St Swithin to try. I like to use RO water and rain mix (msu) feed. My Phrags i measure 120TDS strength, it seems good feeding all the time. How does this kind of paph compare apart from being drier and what kind of...
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    Paph no roots

    Hey there, i start out with really cheap plants rather than pay loads before i know what im doing with new types of orchid. I have a few phrags which ive done this with and enjoyed researching what to do and what conditions to provide and turning them around, i really enjoy it! Ive just got...
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    Hi there!

    Hey there! I've been growing orchids for 3 years i have a few phrags im regrowing, but i seem to be reading about paphs...alot!!!! Hi from the uk! Matt