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    One kovachii hybrid- who would it be?

    I have very, very, very limited space. I'm about to pull the trigger on my first and probably only phrag. Peruflora Spirit. Before I do, is there another kovachii hybrid I should consider? It seems the Spirit is a good robust plant and produces huge longer lasting blooms?
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    New problem for me. Brown spots on new paph. Sunburn?.

    I got a paph. Dollgoldi last week. I put it in my East window kitchen countertop where my other paphs and phals are. And I have been slowly pushing it up a little closer to the window. Today I came home to discover some small brown spotting on the second leaf from the top on both sides. Is this...
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    Live moss as a permanent top dressing

    Hi there! My first post here. So here is the situation. I am finally getting an office with a window! I'm very excited I would like to set up some paphs and phals on the windowsill. Because it's my office (and not my window at home) I would like to snazz them up a little bit and have it not too...