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  1. spujr

    Paph. Bel Royal (kolopakingii x rothschildianum)

    I was waiting for the last, 6th flower to open but I got impatient and worried the first flower would fall off first. I got this back in 2016, its been growing happily but hasn't flowered since purchase. This year I stuck it outside for a week, not sure if that did the trick or if it was...
  2. spujr

    Paph spiceranum 'DD Floueres'

    An orchid I won in auction at the club. I could have the variety name spelled wrong, handwriting on label is difficult to read.
  3. spujr

    Vanda (Neo) falcata

    Got this one to bloom. Having trouble getting the flowers to flower all at one time so decided to take the picture now before older flowers fall off. Also a little disappointed in only a few blooms, I read later that when they start to flower one should make sure to keep them wet which is...
  4. spujr

    Brown spots on recent deflasked P. adductum

    Hi, When I got this flask the medium and plants were jumbled. I deflasked them and noticed some brown spots where the agar was on the leaves. Checking it a few days later and the brown spots appear worse (bigger and more). Suggestions? I heard they don't like getting leaves wet so I've been...
  5. spujr

    Friend or foe?

    A while back (over a year ago) I noticed some "pitting" on the leaves of my plants in compots. I bought a mix of biologicals to target what I thought was causing the pitting, broad mites. I haven't noticed any progression of the "pitting" on the new growth and even in newly introduced compots...
  6. spujr

    Paph armeniacum 'Nova'

    Hi, anyone have divisions of this clone to sell? I used to have but it died during moving to new place . Please send me a message if you do! Thanks, Will
  7. spujr

    Stolonatius Parvi species

    Hello, I was wondering what Parvi species besides armeniacum and micanthrum produces stolons? Forgive any misspellings... Cheers, Will
  8. spujr

    Semi-Hydroponic (S/H) Setups

    Hello, I am looking to modify/change my orchid watering regime. I am looking for advice and suggestions on how to install a semi-hydroponic (S/H, passive hydroponic) system. I've been reading/searching the forum and came across this post by baodai...
  9. spujr

    Random babies

    P. anitum on the far left, not doing well. I made the mistake of giving them too much water, and also learned (too late) they don't like having wet foliage, where a misting system doesn't help. All that said, they also suffered the most during the shipment (roots/media all messed up), so not...
  10. spujr

    P roth x kolopakingii

    [/URL][/IMG] Not the best picture but I'd thought I would share. Now with the flowers finished it doesn't look too happy. The new growth is browing. It may have exhausted itself. :( If I can keep it alive I will try to backcross onto P. roth if it flowers again.
  11. spujr

    Paph hangianum hair on leaf edge

    Hi, Is it typical to see small hairs along the leaf edges of P. hangianum? Is it the same for emersonii? Thanks, Z
  12. spujr

    P. sanderianum FCC awards?

    Hi, I am trying to find a list of FCC awarded sanderianums. Are there any? I could only find AM/AOS, HCC/AOS, BM/TPS, or SM/TPS. Also would be curious to know what the longest recorded petal length found with this species. Sorry if this is a redundant or dumb question, the search engine...
  13. spujr

    Paphs that produce long rhizomes

    I can think of mostly Section Parvisepalum but even here I don't think they all do it. I know armeniacum, micranthrum, and emersonii grow long rhizomes from the mother plants. Any others?
  14. spujr

    Wanted flask or compot of a few various Paph sp.

    Hi, I am looking for flasks or compot of the three: P. anitum P. kolopakingii P. sanderianum Prefer quality 'A' x 'B' crosses and to source from one vendor if possible... Thanks, Zeb
  15. spujr

    Intentional dose of high light?

    I was doing some reading on the paph care info on the Antec website ( and came across one interesting point I've noticed on my plants that were accidentally exposed to too high light intensities: I was wondering if anyone would intentionally do this to...
  16. spujr


    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site however not new to orchids and Paphs. A little about me: I am an amateur grower, in the sense I don't grow and sell paphs for a living. However, I was a student under the late Dr. Yoneo Sagawa at the University of Hawaii studying paph meristem culture for my...