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  1. tcosta

    Phrag. schlimii?

    Hi all. Finally got my Phrag. schlimii’EYOF’ x self to flower…..not what I expected. is this within the expected range of variability for schlimii or is it something else? Thoughts….thanks in advance.
  2. tcosta

    Phrag. Noirmont

  3. tcosta

    Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice(s)

    Two SA s in bloom with two very different outcomes. I only have room for one and know which one I’ll be keeping. Eric….do you want the green one?😁😁
  4. tcosta

    Phrag schlimii help please

    I have a multi growth schlimii…very healthy but is one of the only phrags I haven’t been able to bloom yet. it grows the same as my other mini phrags…under LED lights in my garage. Temps between about 15-23c in winter and 20-28c in summer. Can any of you schlimii growers suggest if this needs...
  5. tcosta

    Phrag. longifolium

    This one has now been in bloom for well over a year.
  6. tcosta

    Phrag. Praying Mantis

    An oldie…but is nearly always in bloom.
  7. tcosta

    Phrag. Brysa

    Phrag. boissierianum x Sedenii
  8. tcosta

    Phrag. Sedenii….Difference in Colour.

    First flower on the spike and last flower.
  9. tcosta

    Phrag. Conchiferum

    Phrag. Conchiferum ‘Montville’ HCC/AOS.
  10. tcosta

    Phrag L’Unique

    Not my favourite flower….but has made up with flower count.
  11. tcosta

    I’m back…Phrag. Pink Panther

    Hope everyone has been safe and well. Back on board after an absence due to heath issues and travel. My favourite Phrag in bloom again.
  12. tcosta

    Phrag. pearcei

    Currently in bloom….plus a comparison shot.
  13. tcosta

    Perseus ‘Highclare’

    Hope people don’t mind me bombarding this forum with pictures but here in Australia it’s flowering season with a number of my Phrags currently blooming. Today’s pictures Phrag. Perseus ‘Highclare’ currently in bloom. Main spike holding two flowers plus two branches with a flower each.
  14. tcosta

    Pink Panther

    I think this is my new favourite Phrag-Pink Panther (fisheri x schlimii). First blooming seedling. Unfortunately broke the spike above the first bud, losing at least 2 more buds…only got to enjoy the one flower. At least I know what to look forward to next blooming.
  15. tcosta

    Sedenii “Candidum”

    Currently in flower Phrag Sedeneii “Candidum“
  16. tcosta

    Grande “Chinaman”

    Phrag Grande “Chinaman” currently in bloom. Hope you enjoy.
  17. tcosta


    Not sure how common these are outside of Australia.…a few Sarcochilus pictures. Sarcochilus is a native from down under.
  18. tcosta

    Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

    Bought this a couple of years ago as Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I was expecting the plant to be a bit larger….picture of the plant is in a 100mm pot. Thoughts?
  19. tcosta

    Phrag. Schroederae

    First picture posted so hope I’ve done it right. Currently in bloom Phrag. Schroederae (Sedenii x caudatum).
  20. tcosta

    New Aussie Member

    G’day All. My name is Trev and I live on the mid-north coast of NSW Australia. Was in to orchids big time about 20 years ago but gave the hobby away. Retired about 2 years ago and decided to get back into growing. Mainly a couple of dozen Phrags (a few Paphs, Vandas and Sarcs thrown in)...