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    Paphiopedilum philippinense var alba developing dry lip

    Hi This is first time blooming Paphiopedilum philippinense var alba and i was looking forward, but the lip starts a dry patch which extended to entire lip, don't know whether it is due to rise in temperature or something else, hopefully the other buds should open normally.
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    Non flowering of Paph hybrids and species

    Hi i have these Paphs for few years now and they have grown well ( I think) and in spite of having 3-4 heads and good vegetative growth, i don't see any flowers. Can some one throw some light on this, i have given enough light also Thank you sastry
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    Seedling disease

    Hi I have these crosses grown from flasks, and they are about two year old, suddenly I see blackening of leaves starting from the tip and spreading to the entire leaf, is it a fungal disease, what is the problem and the treatment can anyone throw light on these. I have attached the pictures...
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    Paphiopedilum (Hsinying Web x Hsinying Taka) X (Night shadow 2 x Night shadow Wild Thing)

    Hi This looks like a totally complex hybrid and is the ID correct? Thanks sastry
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    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    Hi Time for Paphiopedilum spicerianum to bloom in this part (Southern India). Sharing picture of the same
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    Aerides magnifica

    Hi This plant was labeled as Aerides quinquevulnera and I am given to understand that it is Aerides magnifica from Philippines sastry
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    Paph hybrid grown from seed culture

    Hi This Paphiopedilum hybrid of P. fairrieanum x P. callosum was grown from seed culture and the first bloom from the seedling after five years is shared here. The dominance of callosum can be seen
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    Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum

    The first flower from this plant was some what not impressive, but subsequent ones looks nice
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    Paph seedling disease

    Hi, this was doing well and suddenly i observe the leaf going away, i have reduced the water, any idea what it is and how to control. Attached a picture Thank you sastry
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    Paph crosses in community pots & its culture

    Hi I have few crosses in community pots grown from deflasked seedlings. These are in CP for almost an year. I have few questions here. Before that my growing conditions are, I am from India, southern part, I grow them in GH and feed water with < 100 ppm. Light is adequate sometimes I feel now...
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    Paph ID help

    This was given to me as Paphiopedilum CORONA (hybrid) a cross of primulinum. But it almost looks like Paph concolor, leaves are mottled abut they are much shorter than Pah concolor. Can anybody throw some light on the ID please Thank you sastry
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    From Community pot to individual pots

    Hi I have grown couple of crosses from seedling stage for an year now and they are in community pots with 3-4 and in some cases, 6 in each CP. I am posting the pictures of two crosses and would like to know whether it is time for these seedlings to go to individual pots. Also appreciate if some...
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    Vanda thwaitesii

    A beautiful Vanda species from Southern India
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    Dendrobium ovatum

    Dendrobium ovatum is a species from western ghats of south India
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    Dendrobium jerdonianum

    Dendrobium jerdonianum is a species from section formosae and is found in western ghats of southern India
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    is this paph insigne Harefield Hare ?

    Hi This is given to me as Paph.insigne Harfield Hare, please let me know whether it is standard insigne or the clone Thank you sastry
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    Tips drying

    Hi My paphs tips are all drying, whether it is due to fertiliser spray remaining on the leaf tips? any idea as to what the problem is? inserting few pictures of the leaves. Thank you sastry
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    Phrag bessae

    Hi Looks like my new Phrag bessae has suffered cold injury so soon( I am in east coast city of Fredericksburg, Va) can something be done to revive the plant Thanks
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    Flowers shrivelling and not opening

    Hi I have this problem for some time now, some of the hybrids are producing buds and when it comes to opening it is not doing well, either they start shriveling especially the pouch and then the flower refuses to open. If it opens then the pouch looks like dehydrated? posting some pictures of...
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    paphiopedilum fairrieanum alba ?

    Hi I just wanted to confirm whether this is Paph. fairrieanym alba? Thanks sastry