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    Coelogyne and Cymbidium

    I've been concentrating on slippers but I want to try and do better on other orchids...can anyone suggest any TDS water and drying values for mainly Coelogyne but cymbidium too? I've grown Cymbidium for a few years but generally leave them to it...i would like to do a better job.
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    Phrag Caudatum culture

    Thanks I will keep it dryer then...will it really die over 26.c? What sort of length do the leaves grow to?
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    Phrag Caudatum culture

    I've been growing a Grande for 2.5 years, it's growing really well and has spiked so I've just treated myself to a Phrag caudatum. I fancied a species phrag to try but something similar. I was wondering can anyone tell me about what it's like to grow? My Grande is kept wet wet wet sitting in...
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    Paphiopedilum wilhelminae

    Looks great!
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    Paphiopedilum wilhelminae

    Amazing! How about a picture of the plant too? I want one of these!
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    Paph philippinense care

    Great thanks very much people! Is there any kind of ph/tds range or any metals/minerals its hungry for (without going crazy!)?
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    Paph philippinense care

    Hey there, are these conditions to bring on good blooming?
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    Paph philippinense care

    Does anyone have any culture advice, tips, stories or information on Paph philippinense please? Im looking for help with any growing quirks this plant has (wet/drying, water values, optimum temp and humidity). I grow similar paphs but i want to do a 10/10 job with this! Thanks!
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    Paph Kolosand 2016

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    Mostly Green

    Nice love the first one!
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    Phrag longifolium

    Looks great!
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    Paph. tigrinum chlorosis, help!

    Yes at the same time if his other plants are growing well then his feed could be acceptable? It could still be this particular plant doesnt like something +/- in his growing area. You can get 4'c temp difference in the space of one foot growing under lights, there is a chance it might just want...
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    Paph. tigrinum chlorosis, help!

    Hi there, im a pretty new grower here so you might want to not count me, no one seems to have asked about his wondering mostly how long per day are they on for and second what are the tempratures around the plants? Light levels/exposure would effect the colour of his leaves? Is your...
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    Really nice grande! looks great! What age do the growths flower at and do you do anything special to get it to send out a spike? Do old growths flower each year? Matty
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    Roth Growth Rates

    Nice! What is your distance under your Mh lamp you got there? 150cm 1500mm?
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    Haul from Orchid Inn

    Nice plants! Really interested in what you do with the Sandys! Matty
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    Light meter

    Hi, i live in the Uk and light levels vary alot! I also like to use lights where possible, im not quite sure on light meters(camara) and all the different units of measurement, i would like to start recording something though. Is there anything on the market that i can leave on one of my plants...
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    My Collection & New Growing Area.

    Nice! really like your growtank, shelving is a newone really good idea.
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    St Swithin advice

    Thanks for such brilliant advice Mike and everyone. Im feeling confident i will do ok with it now... Im yet to have a talk with another orchid grower in real life ha! so stuff like this is essential for my learning curve. Ive also got loads more to start thinking about aswell, measuring light...