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  1. quiltergal

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    This was my very first Paph. purchased many years ago. It was originally labeled as delenatii, but was later identified by an AOS judge as Ho Chi Minh. It has always been a good bloomer but this year outdid itself. Normally it carries just 2 flowers. This year there are 3. I'm not sure if all 3...
  2. quiltergal

    Virus in Paphs & Phrags

    This is probably a dumb question but are Paphs and Phrags susceptible to common orchid viruses such as ORSV & CymSV? I can't remember ever reading that someone suspected their Paph/Phrag had a virus. :o
  3. quiltergal

    Phrag. Grande

    This was a $3 rescue from a greenhouse closure 2 years ago. I was not at all sure it was going to make it at the time as it had not been watered in at least a month. With some TLC it grew and actually bloomed. It only has 2 flowers but I suspect this is it's first time blooming. Hopefully it...
  4. quiltergal

    Paph. sukhakulii

    I may have posted this one earlier. I can't remember and can't find the old thread. Anyway, the second flower finally opened and there is a third spike just starting. The older flower on the right is just starting to lose some of it's color intensity.
  5. quiltergal

    Paph. Judge Philip

    This one is incredibly hard to photograph and get the colors right. This is pretty close but still a little over exposed. It needs a repot which will hopefully give me a higher flower count next year.
  6. quiltergal

    Paph. helenae

    I love this little one. It blooms well even when neglected.
  7. quiltergal

    Paph. Don Egger

    It's been a couple of years since this one bloomed. I repotted and it finally got happy. This is one of two bulldogs I own. The other is in bloom also I just have not gotten around to taking a photo.
  8. quiltergal

    Phrag. Les Dirouilles

    Ok so growing this plant in the house is a little silly. It's enormous. The first flower hits me at about my elbow with the plant sitting on the floor. I am 5'6". This was a rescue plant from a couple who were closing their greenhouse. It was in pretty bad shape. I don't know when it had been...
  9. quiltergal

    Paph. sukhakulii

    Seems like all my slippers are late this year due to an unseasonably warm October. There are several more that are in low bud. This one decided to spike while I was away so I wasn't able to get it staked. Consequently there is a kink in the spike. :( It has 2 more spikes just starting to poke...
  10. quiltergal

    Paph. William Ambler

    This is the first time this division has bloomed for me. I've had it about a year and a half. I fell in love with the flower the first time I laid eyes on it, and just had to have it. So far the color looks like it will be good. I'll update when it finally opens. The bud watch begins!
  11. quiltergal

    Phrag. Sedenii

    This one is an oldie but a goodie. It hasn't bloomed since 2010. I divided it into 5 pieces spring of 2012. I sold 4 and kept the largest for myself. This is the best blooming it has done to date. In the past it did not have a branching spike and would only hold 1 flower at a time. I'm...
  12. quiltergal

    Paph. Yellow Magic

    I bought this tiny plant in March of 2009 in bloom on a single growth. It has been a very slow grower, and now is up to a whopping 2 growths. It surprised me this year by actually blooming. The petals are a little "toothy" but the shape of the pouch is better and overall it's a larger flower...
  13. quiltergal

    Phrag. Cape May County & Lynn Evans-Goldner

    These are two seed grown hybrids from Woodstream Orchids. They are supposed to be miniature Phrags. Comparatively speaking, I suppose they are given that many other Phrags. are huge. Phrag. Lynn Evans-Goldner- I was expecting a lot more red/dark pink. This looks a bit more like schlimii...
  14. quiltergal

    Paph. helenae

    This is a tiny little plant with cute little flowers. It's been a vigorous grower for me and blooms every summer with no fuss.
  15. quiltergal

    Phrag. Don Wimber

    I've had this division for a few years and it finally decided to bloom. It won best Cypr. at the 2012 Rogue Valley Orchid Society show. I'm super pleased with the shape. The color is good but I've seen better.
  16. quiltergal

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    This Paph. has been nominated twice for an AOS award, but ultimately not awarded. It puts on a great show every winter. It was the first Paph. in my collection.
  17. quiltergal

    Phrag. Belle Hougue Point

    I've had this plant for a little less than a year. It's a division from a mature plant I bought from a favorite local vendor who went out of business. :sob: It began blooming in mid April, and has one flower left today. I have to say this is one of my favorite Phrags. The flower is huge, and...
  18. quiltergal

    My Collection

    Species Paph. druryi Paph. helenae Paph. hirsutissimum var. sukhakul Paph. liemianum Paph. sukhakulii Hybrids Paph. Caraibe Paph. Doktor Hans-Georg Preissel Paph. Don Egger Paph. Galway Paph. Gloria Naugle Paph. Ho Chi Minh (my first Paph.) Paph. Judge Philip Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz Paph...
  19. quiltergal

    Greetings From Oregon

    Hi everyone. I've been hanging out at Orchidboard for several years, so I "know" many of you already. I've been growing Paphs. and Phrags. for about 5 years. I've done very well with them for the most part. I have several Paph. species and I prefer them to the more complex hybrids, though...