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    Paph. Mint Chocolate 'Chip' AM/AOS

    Congrats! Beautiful twins.
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    Hello from California!

    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum and your orchids.
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    Paph. dianthum - first bloom seedling

    Beautiful flower.
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    No longer getting daily updates on the forum

    Have you checked your preferences lately?
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    cattleya bicolor alba

    Looks so pretty. Interesting colors.
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    laelia dayana coerulea

    So beautiful!
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    Welcome, Moofo. Do you still have a problem with uploading pics?
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    Midwest USA, New Member

    Awesome collection! Welcome.
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    Why the ads??

    The forum s/w if recently updated, members may be seeing ads again. All they need to do is to go to this link and reset their preferences to not see the ads.
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    Easter Swan with Uncle

    Awesome!😍 More surprises?
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    Easter Swan with Uncle

    Simply beautiful!
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    Phrag Grande

    Glad you saved it. How is it now?
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    Easter Swan with Uncle

    Lovely, nice job.
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    Paph sanderianum

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    Paphiopedilum parishii

    Beautiful flowers!
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    Cattleya rex 2022

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    Mystery Warneri

    Beautiful regardless.:)