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    Last time I visited H.P. Norton He said that lime was beneficial, actually essential, to good Phrag growth. Last weekend I was in Lowes and bought a bag and have added a teaspoon to all my Phrags. I will post up to see if there is any improvement.
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    The old days.

    I started growing orchids maybe 14 years ago. At the time there were a great number of growers, Hoosier, Parkside, A World of Orchids, etc. that I could visit and get interesting plants. I tried to grow anything because I'm in it partially for the challenge. A lot of the old growers have closed...
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    In Charm Vs Hung Sheng

    Last time we put together a STF Paph order from Asia it was thru Ten Shin and Matt supplied plants from HS. Does anyone have a link to the full In Charm catalog?
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    From eBay Letstalkplants

    Some Phrags
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    Phrag. Bubblegum

    Although I have another seedling, the heat and prolonged blooming has killed my Phrag. Bubblegum. Since the source is out of seedlings does anyone have one they want to sell? Thanks.
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    eBay - LetstalkPlants

    I know a bunch of people here probably got in on the Phrags Tony had on auction. Whoever outbid me on the St. Ouen flavum and the Panther Run, let me know if you are willing to divide when they get big enough, Thanks.
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    Phrag. Mountain Maid flavum

    from OZ.
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    Phrag. Elfin Luxury problem

    I have blasted any previous blooms from the plants from J.P. Faust, so I was happy to see this coming along. Then, ...Blam!! :p
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    Phrags in NYC

    Phrag Susan Kulhavi and Phrag Bubblegum
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    Phrag Lucky Girl

    I think. I can't find the tag.
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    Hanne Popow or Manzur La ALdea flavum.
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    There are a few (ahem..) Phrags I am looking for to improve my collection; Maria Glanz flavum Lynn Evans-Goldner Dragon's Creamsicle Mike Beattie Prissy flavum (especially OZ crosses) let me know how much for a plant or a division.
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    Phrag. not Yakima River, Robin Redbreast flavum

    I waited for a division of Bill Goldner's Phrag. Yakima River, a beautiful orange hybrid, for years. Got it to flow and... Oh Bill.. ..
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    Paph henry form.

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    SEPOS 2019

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    Deep Cut Orchid Society Show

    Deep Cut Orchid Society Show, Holmdel, NJ this weekend. Anyone else going? If, for any reason, I do not make this show, I may stab myself.
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    Phrag. Acket's Lovely

    I took another photo when it opened, think it was rounder. I will try to add it. It is multi-floral and had 2 spikes. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Some Lepanthes, Stenoglottis, Ludisia discolor alba, and things we've found out how to grow. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Paph. Hung Sheng Tango

    Paph. Armeni White x rothschildianum Paph leuc. x adductum I got from a STF member. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Paph. forum, - DC

    Anyone going?