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    Any suggestion for a Brazilian nursery? Mostly for Cattleya alliance

    Hi everyone, since I live near the Brazilian border, I want to explore the opportunity of purchasing Cattleya and Laelia from there. I'm not familiar at all with the Brazilian nurseries and I wanted to ask for your advice. Do you have good experiences with any, or know some reliable one? Please...
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    Zygosepalum labiosum from French Guiana

    This is an extremely desirable species growing in the understory of the very humid forest of french Guiana, often along the banks of small rivers or streams. Here a photo of a flower in the wild and two individuals from distinct localities grown in Cayenne.
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    Wild collected Phrag Kovachii for sale is still the norm in Peru

    Here a quick video of a greenhouse full of wild collected kovachii for sale for about 30 soles each (about 7 euros). More than 20 years after its discovery, this plant is still collected in quantities in Peru. While the geographic distribution of kovachii is very small, it benefit from growing...
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    Phrag. pearcei in habitat

    This is one of the Phragmipedium that I often encountered in the pre-mountains clear water streams and River of the Amazonian Peru. Always fun to see them in bloom. I've attached a video so that everyone can have a good idea of the habitat.
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    Phrag. lindleyanum

    Hi everyone, I simply wanted to share my Phrag. lindleyanum in spike (flowers have yet to appear). I live in French Guiana where this plant is native too. This is the division of a wild collected plants that have been around for quite a while (before 2001 when the species was declared protected...
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    Wanted To start a serious slipper collection in EUROPE

    Hi everyone, I am starting a slipper collection again! I am in Europe (well in French Guiana which is a department of FRANCE). From what I understand, the main European nurseries are Exotic Plant Company, Asendorfer, Wichmann and Schwerter. Am I missing some others? Exotic Plant Company seems to...
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    A recap greeting from French Guiana FRANCE Europe

    Hi everyone, I have been a member of the Slippertalk communities since 2009. At that time, I was living in Montreal, CANADA (see my first post presentation here: Hi from Montréal - Canada) and I had a small collection of slipper orchids. In 2011, I moved to Tarapoto PERU where I stayed for 7...
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    Some picture of P. kovachii to make you sick :)

    These pictures were taken during our last population assessment, always a splendor. Even if we try to keep ourselves professional and have done this type of assessment multiple times, a full blooming population of Kovachii always steal a smile. Here Cesar and Jose Marco taking is...
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    Phrag. Andean Tears weird discoloration

    For the last 5 months or so (I've had this plant for more than 2 years now), I've been observing weird discoloration of the top leaves of my Phrag kovachii x walisii. The leaves look healthy in morphology but the color is wrong. All my other phrags have a nice healthy green coloration and...
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    Need photos of William Trelease and Michael lawless?

    Hi everyone, I was reading a price list when I found these two rarely seen hybrids: Paph. Memoria Michael Lawless(philippinense x randsii) Paph. William Trelease (rothschildianum x parishii) I was curious to see pictures of these plants but I wasn't able to found any. Would some of you have...
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    What is this miniature paph????

    A miniature purple paphiopedilum...did someone know what it is? The link will bring you to the picture All the best Mathieu
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    Non-slippers orchids for Canadian (exchanges or sale)

    Hi everyone, I have some mature plants available (year old division of my plants), all plants are rooted and the majority of then have already flowered. Oncidium Ampliatum Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley' (large multigrowth plant in 5in basket) Psychopsis Kalihi 'ORCHIS' (large...
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    Paph. parishii rare???? Why?

    Hi everyone, I have very rarely seen P. parshii available, here in Canada. I was wondering if there was a reason this specie was so hard to find. Is it particularly hard to grow? Hard to pollinate or to germinate? All the best Math
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    Where to acquire orchid seeds

    Hi everyone, I want to re-begin doing in-vitro culture of orchids but I am only missing the seeds:p Therefor I was wondering if you knew any places I can order some from or even if any of you have some spare? Thank you for your help. All the best Math
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    P. reticulatum habitat

    In the context of my research, I went to the the department of Huanuco - PERU in order observed the status of endangered frogs. In the mountains of this department, the weather is usually crappy. Most of the time it seems like UK (sorry to the British): cold (i.e. around 20C during the day and...
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    Hi from Montréal - Canada

    Hi everyone, I'm from Montréal QC -CANADA. I have been growing orchids for 9 years now. I first ran into orchids when I was living in Malaysia (at the time I was in high school). Orchids were virtually present everywhere as Malaysia (like some other country of South-East Asia) were a major...