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    Paph. Greyi

    Forgot to post a picture of this one when it bloomed - now it's fading away haha I wish it had flattened out more but oh well Still happy for it being a $6 or so orchid from Home Depot haha Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Pinguicula immaculata, a tiny carnivore

    Pinguicula immaculata is not a commonly grown species - especially in the U.S. This cute little one is a Mexican Pinguicula that likes slightly drier conditions than usual.
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    Little Paph. niveum

    Figured I'd share this cute little guy with you all. This was my first Brachy and I'm glad it's back in bloom
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    Maudiae Paph

    This was the first orchid I ever owned and I'm glad to say it's still alive! Of course the first growth it threw out ended up being a keiki and there's almost no information about Paph. keikis out there... but it's alive and throwing out a new growth from the base so I'm sure now it's getting...
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    Blc. Sanyung Ruby 'Kuang Lung'

    I won't be home for a couple of days but i got this picture the other night of the buds of this beauty getting ready to pop. Well lo and behold, I got these pictures the next morning! Can't wait to see it in person haha We'll see how it opens up!
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    Leaf tip browning

    I occaisionally get these brown spots on my leaf tips that will slowly spread downwards if left unchecked, it can happen to brand new leaves too, any ideas on what's causing it?
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    Redland vendor suggestion?

    I've got a friendly little competition with a friend and wanted to see if you all had recommendations on who to visit first for Paphs at Redlands Here's the vendor list Afri Orchids - South Africa Amazonia Orchids - Homestead Andy's Orchids - Encinitas Asendorfer-Orchideenzucht - Germany AWZ...
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    Choose a Paph

    If you had to choose between this Paph esquirolei with a mass of growths Not a fan of the petals though A pot of Paph appletonianum with two single growth fans Or a Paph lowii with one single large fan but only buds
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    Phrag. longifolium

    I'm in Panama today and I saw a couple of these guys today
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    Unusual growth - Growth on a stick

    I know this plant is exhibiting some unusual growth, I just don't know what to do about it or what caused it, any ideas? Besides this, it seems to be healthy, no signs of bugs, infections, or rot. It is also sending up a flower now so I'm only assuming it's happy (instead of it being a stress...
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    Paph. callosum

    A little bit of sunlight makes for great lighting. I got this little guy from Popow orchids at the Redland festival, unfortunately it also had mealybugs... it lost a few fans that were already going out the door but the rest is in good condition now! (Or I hope it is!)
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    Will soap or alcohol hurt my opening blooms?

    I use a bamboo skewer to measure how moist my Paphs are by keeping it in the medium with them. Today I pulled out one of the skewers and it had a little bit of mold (not too uncommon but it hasn't posed a risk and I usually soak those in alcohol) but was covered with these little brown moving...
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    I just realized that the last three paphs I bought were brachys (two niveum and one bellatulum) but I don't know how to care for them (I've been treating them like my other Paphs). One has since started a new growth so I'm happy with that but I wanted to know if anyone had additional information...
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    The dreaded white tufts...

    When I went to the Redland orchid festival I bought a paph callosum from popow orchids, upon getting home I saw what could have been a mealy bug but I lost it in the media, I isolated the plant indoors and have kept a close eye on it and sure enough, the paph has come under attack by mealy bugs...
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    Help ID?

    Can anyone help me ID this plant? It is supposedly from Brazil but I'm not sure where beyond that. Here's the bloom Thanks again for the help :)
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    My biggest hobby right now is growing carnivorous plants, people generally assume that carnivorous plants are all some sort of exotic tropical plants where in actuality plants like Venus flytraps and north American pitcher plants are all native to the United States (pitcher plants grow from...
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    A bunch of non slipper orchids

    These are some of the orchids that were in bloom fairly recently that I thought I'd share, some are NOIDs and some not, some are grown epiphytically and others in pots, hope you like them :)
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    New Florida grower

    Hey, I just got a paph which is actually my first personal orchid (others I've shared with people) I'm just getting into orchids now but my main focus is still with carnivores :). Unfortunately I can't quite figure out what's on the tag of my paph and wanted to see if anyone could help me ID it...
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    Another water quality thread

    Hi! The water where I'm currently living is at around 280 - 300 ppm so I was wondering if I could just water my phal with my tap water and flush it out once a month. Thanks in advance for your help! Sincerely, J