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  1. kiwi

    Paph. rothschildianum 'New Horizon' x 'Raptor'

    First flowering for this plant. 29cm NS and 7cm dorsal. I think it will be a great plant in the future.
  2. kiwi

    Where to get miltoniopsis flasks

    Can anyone advise where to buy good miltoniopsis flask from? Thanks
  3. kiwi

    Paph. rothschildianum flowers. Do they change much?

    To the roth experts out there, do the flowers change much as the plants get bigger. I understand that size of blooms can get bigger but what about flower stance. Will a down swept Petal always be down swept? Will a cupped dorsal/synsepal always be cupped? I ask this question as I have a few...
  4. kiwi

    Paph. rothschildianum 'Giant Wings' x 'Pylo'

    First of this cross to flower
  5. kiwi

    Paph. rothschildianum 'Rex' x 'Tokyo Fantasy'

    Here are the first of this cross to flower.
  6. kiwi

    Paph. rothschildianum 'New Horizon' x 'Raptor'

    I have around 50 roths flowering for the first time. Here are the first from this cross.
  7. kiwi

    Who are the best suppliers of vanda flasks

    Can anyone please advise who supplies the best vanda flasks. Thanks for your help in advance.
  8. kiwi

    MM x Tarantula 1st flowering

    This is the first to flower from this TON flask I got in 2016. Okay for a first flowering at 27cm NS and 6cm DS. There are another 6 in spike (out of season).
  9. kiwi


    A bunch of first flowering from Taiwanese flask.
  10. kiwi

    Liberty Taiwan

    A first flowering plant from Hung Shen. A keeper.
  11. kiwi

    Paph. wardii album & fairrieanum album

  12. kiwi

    Paph. micranthum var. album

    I have this plant about to flower. I also have a second one with a spike also. I was thinking about doing a sib cross with them but wonder perhaps if this is a bit risky due to the size of the plant? Any thoughts?
  13. kiwi


    This just opened today. A nice one from a flask I got from Holger Perner around 4 years ago.
  14. kiwi

    Help Please... Trying to apply for kovachii to be allowed in New Zealand

    I am going to apply to our Bio security to allow kovachii into New Zealand and require information to answer a few questions that are on the application form. In particular: 1. Could it form self-sustaining populations in New Zealand 2. How easily could it be recovered or eradicated if it did...
  15. kiwi

    Phrag. popowii (syn. caudatum var warscewiczianum/warscewiczii/humboldtii)

    Does anyone know where I could buy flasks of this? Thanks in advance
  16. kiwi

    Peruflora email

    Ca anybody help with a contact email address for Peruflora? Also, what experience is out there with the quality of their flasks? Thanks
  17. kiwi

    Phrag besseae first flowering

    This is a first flowering seedling of Phrag. besseae x sib ('Super Star' 4n x besseae var. flavum 'Rubber Duck'). My very first ever Phrag to flower. Deflasked in August 2018. Good colour and shape. This should give good sized flavum once I cross it back.
  18. kiwi

    Lowii with 3 spikes

  19. kiwi

    Paph.rothschildianum 'Mont Millais' flask

    I am thinking about buying a flask of Paph.rothschildianum 'Mont Millais' FCC/RHS,AOS x self from Tokyo Orchid Nursery but was wondering if there is any point as this won’t produce anything that hasn’t already been bloomed. Do the roth experts out there think that this is a waste of time or...