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  1. orchid527

    Paph sanderianum

    Very healthy and well grown plant. Nice flower too. Good job!! Mike
  2. orchid527

    What's Everyone's Experience with Paphiopedilum vietnamense?

    THIS, THIS, THIS, I have been thinking about this comment and I believe it may be the single most important piece of information ever presented in this forum. I have been examining leaves of weak/dying plants under a microscope and I am finding a nearly perfect correlation with the presence...
  3. orchid527

    Monsoon Flora Orchids

    Nothing recent. My records show that I purchased some plants from him off e-bay in '17 or '18. Mike
  4. orchid527

    For Sale good deals on kovachii and kovachii hybrids

    The Magdalene Rose x kovachii have been sold.
  5. orchid527

    For Sale good deals on kovachii and kovachii hybrids

    I have some kovachii and kovachii hybrids that I’m willing to share at fairly low prices. All are Chuck Acker breeding. The first three are straight kovachii with cross IDs of CA735 and CA769. They are all good growers with 10-12 inch leaf spans and nice roots. The second group is CA778, Phrag...
  6. orchid527

    Too funny

    Eric, this was the best of the bunch. Thought about documenting the whole bunch but decided it wasn't worth the effort. This photo was still on my phone. The petals are cupped and curled, the lip is deformed and the ventral sepals carry too much lueddemanniana influence. The natural spread...
  7. orchid527

    Too funny

    Eric, I must have not been clear in my original post. These had already bloomed, but they still had a flower or two on the spike. All of the flowers had many defects. They should have been thrown away. If the problem had been that they were just too small or the color was off, I would have...
  8. orchid527

    Too funny

    I saw where a bunch of red phals had been awarded in the June ORCHIDS. I went to the grower's website and discovered they had more for sale. I ordered 4 seedlings for $120. I figured the chances were slim that I would get a nice one, but I was willing to take a chance that one might be a...
  9. orchid527

    Keeping potting media airy

    Have you considered the possibility that the Grodan cubes, being compressible, get more water squeezed out by a taller, heavier column. Your experiment may not translate well to bark or other less compressible media. Mike
  10. orchid527

    Paphs in baskets?

    A quick question, do the roots penetrate the hygrolon. Mike
  11. orchid527

    Julius From OI

    This is rothschildianum "Wide Barron" x lowii "Exotic Dancer" FCC/AOS, purchased from OI last year. It is the first bloom. Mike
  12. orchid527

    Paphiopedilum hangianum blooming in situ

    There is so much to learn from the in situ photos you have posted these past several years. Many thanks for taking the time to share them. Mike
  13. orchid527


    I have read that Oomycetes (water molds) can infect both plants and humans. Mike
  14. orchid527

    Paph Mint Chocolate

    It is a dark, mottled green on top and solid purple underneath. The green is dark, but not as dark as armeniacum or micranthum. Mike
  15. orchid527

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt ‘Anitchka’ AM

    Steller plant. Deserves every point. Mike
  16. orchid527

    Paph Mint Chocolate

    I have a couple about the same size as yours and another 7-8 that are a little smaller. Your plant looks fine. They are just slow growers, which is funny because either parent grows very well for me. Not a good example of hybrid vigor. The only thing that is odd is that they seem to be extra...
  17. orchid527

    Onc. Jiaho Queen "Jiaho" GM/TOGA

    The tag doesn't say Seattle Orchids and the only additional information is SG263 on the end of the tag. I suspect these are available from many sources, as I see that both Norman's and Hausermann's sold them at one time. I don't grow many oncidiums, so these were new to me. I just can't get...
  18. orchid527

    Onc. Jiaho Queen "Jiaho" GM/TOGA

    I suspect many of you are familiar with this plant, but I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago and purchased it immediately. The photo does not do justice as the coloration is striking and catches your attention from across the room. I suspect we have been genetically tuned to be aware of...