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    Neo. falcata

    Reliable bloomer for me. 1st of 5 along my windowsill to bloom this year.
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    Drosera burmanii

    New to carnivorous plants this season. Grew these little guys from seed. Each plant is about as big as your first thumb knuckle....2 cm diameter.
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    Neo. falcata

    First of my neos to bloom this year. Doing well with 4 spikes. Smells like vanilla in the evening.
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    Paph delenatii var album

    1st bloom from flask seedling. Just very happy that I got the plant this far.
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    paph. micranthum

    Finally blooming after moving from 10 plus years under fluorescent lights. Moved to west facing kitchen window that had summers of 28c days and winters of 17c.
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    paph callosum

    Almost lost this plant a couple years back. One new growth has matured and flowered with two smaller growths coming. Glad she bloomed for me this year. Been a while since I posted so hopefully this works. Hahaha.....finally figured out how to post a large picture. paph callosum