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  1. C. Rothschild

    Superbiens var curtisii, Superbiens var. superbiens superbiens var .???

    The second picture on the right looks like my P. Superbiens. I have no reason to think it's anything else or wild collected.
  2. C. Rothschild

    Something Growing out of Paph. fairrieanum Pod.

    Not really but I suppose a seed could have gotten stuck in there.
  3. C. Rothschild

    Paph Prime Child 'Apollo' AM/AOS 87 pts

    Very cool. I think having Primulinum in it's DNA makes almost every orchid grow better it seems to me.
  4. C. Rothschild

    Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in situ (Platanthera praeclara)

    Pretty cool. Supposedly we have some in Kansas too but I've never seen one.
  5. C. Rothschild

    Crown Rot Prevention in Large Greenhouses

    Yes the place I go to said they use Consan 20 but they need a license to use it. I think that only applies if the plants are to be sold. Same thing with other chemicals if you read the fine print. No idea why.
  6. C. Rothschild

    Notes on watering a mixture of rain water and tap.

    I have heard that rainwater's the best but realistically whatever bucket or however you collect it in will have dust or residue in it. Might not matter though. If you do mist your plants I'd say rainwater.
  7. C. Rothschild

    Legal Status of Hangianum and Hybrids?

    divisions? I can't say that 100% of those orchids on eBay from China weren't propagated in someone's backyard. I mean if the conditions were perfect they could be divisions from a garden. Not sure if that's possible with Hangianums. The climate and everything would have to be just right to...
  8. C. Rothschild

    how to encourage earlier bloom

    It may but I just think the new growths have to get to blooming size first which would probably a year maybe more or less.
  9. C. Rothschild

    Paph. Iantha Stage for 2016

    Wow lot's of nice leaves too.
  10. C. Rothschild

    Salts from fertilisers

    Vitamin B1 and liquid seaweed are both supposed to be good for orchids. Also pouring through a coffee filter may help. But yes I assume anything can build up in the pot. If you have some moss on the top you could just pick it off and replace it a couple times a year.
  11. C. Rothschild

    Has E-bay sellers lost their minds?

    I mean I've gotten some unhealthy plants on ebay but there's always a risk no matter who you buy from. Like after you buy from a good mom and pop shop your plant could still die. It might not like the environment or repotting or whatever.
  12. C. Rothschild

    Paph. micranthum var. eburneum and Parishii

    Yeah cool terrarium. It sort of gives it a jungle/rainforest look.
  13. C. Rothschild

    Paphiopedilum Helvetia

    Very nice I like the twisty petals
  14. C. Rothschild

    Paph Norito Hasegawa 'Mary's Alba'

    You might be able to tell by how long it was in bud.
  15. C. Rothschild


    Because I think terrariums look cool. I never managed not to grow mold though.
  16. C. Rothschild


    Can you grow Paphiopedilums in a terrarium? If so does anyone have any pictures? Mine doesn't have drainage it's like a big glass bowl.
  17. C. Rothschild

    round thaianum

    Probably not that's just what the picture said I didn't name it. I think a real Thaianum has pink/purple spots inside the pouch.
  18. C. Rothschild

    round thaianum

    I saw a photo somewhere of a "Niveum Var Thaianum". Might be one of those.
  19. C. Rothschild

    My first flask, a learning experience

    They're going from 100% humidity in the flask and it's normally ten days until an orchid can handle normal humidity. Although you could keep them more humid longer if there's no sign of mold. The brown leaves will probably grow mold eventually if they're in high humidity.
  20. C. Rothschild

    Shade cloth help!

    I says it protects against "harmful Ultraviolet something" I looked it up and some research says that Ultraviolet light can damage plant cells.