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  1. C. Rothschild


    Can you grow Paphiopedilums in a terrarium? If so does anyone have any pictures? Mine doesn't have drainage it's like a big glass bowl.
  2. C. Rothschild

    Orchid videos

    I'm going to add some Paph. videos into a botany thing I do on the internet. I don't make money doing it it's just for entertainment. Mostly it's been about Mexican cacti but now I'm into orchids too. On YouTube the channel is called "Tonelero"
  3. C. Rothschild

    Paph. Pinocchio X Lowii (Compact)

  4. C. Rothschild

    Crushed perlite?

    Seems like most of the perlite stores sell you can't see in the bag. Is Miracle grow safe to mix in with bark for Paphs? I could buy a different brand but it's probably crushed just from being stacked and stuff.
  5. C. Rothschild

    Hi everyone.

    Pretty new to Paphiopedilums not really Cypripedium but I don't grow them. I don't see too many or know anyone who has them but I got a few.