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    a new homepage about Paphiopedilum species

    Among lovers of lady's slippers there are always lively discussions about which species a certain plant belongs to. An assignment is only possible via the flower, the staminodium or sometimes also via the leaves. Based on these criteria, I have accumulated a great many pictures over the last...
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    Thailand orchid Nurseries???

    Hi, did anyone know of any Paph orchid nurseries around Bangkok and gulf of Krabi that sell Paphs. and flasks? Much thanks Uwe
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    its. "purpuratum" time

    flowering time.... the "Hong Kong" typ of Paph. purpuratum flower with very dark lines:
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    Paph. papuanum / violascens

    This plant was offered on the EOS in Dresden (Germany) as Paph. papuanum In the following table you can compare the papuanum (line 1) with Paph. violascens (line 2+3) from an orchidfriend... Whats your mind? Its looks like different - two species --> papuanum and...
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    Paph. insigne + insigne var. ???

    Paph. insigne does not often showed and it's not simply to identify the variations. The folowing plant I get it as gratrixianum with the comment: imported from Thailand - collected in the neighbouring states: It's a insigne var. ??? This plant I get from Sam Tsui as...
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    Paph. haynaldianum var. album

    last but not least: haynaldianum var. album
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    Paph. haynaldianum "dark"

    This plant was offered as haynaldianum "dark" presumable from the island of Minanao:
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    Paph. gratrixianum

    Hello, what is that - I bought it at gratrixianum??? the left flower is from gratrixianum var. daoense, the smaller one from the ??? Uwe