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    Something fun

    Here is something very interesting I think everyone can appreciate.
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    Paph. tonsum v. alba
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    2018 IPA Symposium at Huntington Botanical Garden

    Come and join the fun at the 2018 IPA Symposium at Huntington Botanical Garden. There is still time to join in.
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    Pics from the SVO open house

    Here are several pics from the open house. You can see several people attended.
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    Sunset Valley Open House

    This Friday the 23rd of June will be the Spring/Summer open house at Sunset Valley Orchids. I think it is about 11-4 and he usually has tacos and other great food from 12-2? but most importantly is the sale. Call and check with Fred everything is discounted. He has a lot of paphs and goodies...
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    Phal. jungle cat

    A recent add
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    EZ Flo

    Does anyone have any experience using this compared to other methods like a dosatron? A few people at our local club have been using them and seem to like them. I want to use it from a reservoir of water (Holding tank of RO) and thinking a low pressure pump with a built in pressure switch...
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    Behind the Scenes at The Huntington

    I was lucky enough to get a tour behind the scenes at The Huntington Orchid House. There were a few orchids in bloom at this time, but not a lot. I will try going back again in the future when more is in bloom. Not the best pics just a cell phone, but at least you can see what was there.
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    Norman's Orchid Open House from April

    I have figured how to post images now thanks Ozpaph! So I wanted to post a few pics from Norman's Orchids from the open house. He has about 6-8 green houses like the ones I'm posting. The view is 1/2 the size of the house as I'm standing in the middle.
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    From Orchids Limited

    I received my 2 orchids from the auction today and also ordered a few more from Jason as long as there was a box coming out. I have to say it was a smooth transaction and the orchids look great. They were well packed and don't seem too stressed actually. I'm very pleased with the quality...
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    Plant Sale at The Huntington

    Next week for those in Southern California next week starting the 28th is the Huntington Spring Plant Sale. I don't know what orchids they will have yet but they have over 900 species and over 2,000 hybrids. They should have plenty of orchids available. :)
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    Fox Valley Rocks!

    I thought I would provide some positive input. I ordered 6 or 8 seedlings earlier this year from them and was very happy with their packaging and promptness of shipping. They orchids were packed well and I received exactly what I ordered. The orchids were shipped within 2 days of payment and...
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    What do you think of Orchids Limited?

    I have been contemplating an order with them for a few months. What is your experiences with them good or bad?
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    How many people going to the Santa Barbra Show?

    Just wondering how many may be going to the Santa Barbra show March 17-19? I'm going and looking forward to it.
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    I'm relatively new to orchids

    but what do you do when you receive something from a vendor with a good reputation and you don't think you got a fair shake? I'm not naming the vendor now, but I paid $140 plus $25 for shipping and the orchid does not look good at all. What would you do?