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    Phrag Akela

    Second time it has bloomed for me. More flowers than last year.
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    Fumi's Gold

    Just opened. There's second much smaller bud behind this one. Is that common? Rich
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    Paph graetrixianum

    Not quite fully opened
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    Brown leaf tips on phrag

    Hi all, I've got a phrag longifolium x dalessandroi with brown leaf tips. I cut off the tips a couple of weeks ago, but it continues to spread. It's growing under lights in the basement, about 45% humidity. I fertilize lightly every couple of weeks. I use tap water, which is not too bad here. I...
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    Dropped bloom

    I'm a relative newbie with a question about a phrag (Eric Young). It seems relatively healthy and has been growing under some good LEDs. A flower was about to open about 3 weeks ago, so I moved it up to my kitchen where it continues to look good. It's a west window, decent light. The bud opened...