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    Phrag Mont Fallu

    Phrag Mont Fallu (longifolium x Grande) The plant has been in flower since the first week in December and still going strong. To me it's big, it's bold and it's beautiful - okay so I'm biased!
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    Phrag. Caroline Miller Ott

    Hi All, Thought I would share with you this Phrag that I have open at the moment Phrag Caroline Miller Ott (vittatum x Eric Young), it is very similar to Noirmont. This is my first attempt at posting a photograph so fingers crossed it works!!
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    The Phrag Man

    HI, to all you Paph/Phrag lovers,I have been growing orchids for about 20 years, but the last few years I have concentrated on Paphs/Phrags as my conditions seem to suite them.Hopefully I can contribute to this Forum and learn along the way.