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  1. ChuckG1970

    Paph Bereneice

    This is an exception flower(s). The plant is flowering on one growth.
  2. ChuckG1970

    Paph Fanaticum

    I have seen a few of these blooms, but not enough to know what constitutes a choice flower. I know that the pouch can have more color and can have a different shape. The petals on this one seem nice, but I’m not sure about the dorsal sepal at all. What do you guys think? I actually just...
  3. ChuckG1970

    Paph Malipoense

  4. ChuckG1970

    Old School Awarded Paphs

  5. ChuckG1970

    Paph Miracle ‘Victory’ AM/AOS

  6. ChuckG1970

    Paph Makuli ‘Hutch’ AM/AOS

  7. ChuckG1970

    Paphiopedilum maculatum (polyploid)

    Does anyone have any info or a pic of paph maculatum? I can’t find anything on it. It’s clearly a parvi, but all I can find with that species name is an oncidium. It could be a variety name of a parvisepilum? I’m guessing malipoense since the spike is so tall. Thanks
  8. ChuckG1970

    Paph Hunter’s Point San Francisco AM/AOS

    This plant is relatively small, but the flower is absolutely enormous. I love dorsal sepals that have a clearly defined white edge framing them.
  9. ChuckG1970

    Paph Freckles ‘Corky’ AM/AOS

  10. ChuckG1970

    Paph Fair Yerba

  11. ChuckG1970

    Paph Whitemoor ‘Ashlands’

  12. ChuckG1970

    Phrag Sedenii (sorry wrong location)

    schlimii x longifolum
  13. ChuckG1970

    Paph Faith Hanberry

    Glaucophyllum x Niveum
  14. ChuckG1970

    Paph Punchline