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    P. curtisii and allegedly P. superbiens

    Some people say you can't tell the difference by the foliage. I disagree.
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    Hello from the Gulf coast..... for now

    Welcome from NYC.
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    Cattleya percivaliana peloric in Bud!!!

    OK. I don't grow Catts but, that is very cool. Good job growing and blooming and thanks for sharing.
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    Phragmipedium Jeremie Lussier ´ Maluka Lussier' AM/AOS

    Hello Raymond! Nice color, thanks for sharing.
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    Two forms of Paphiopedilum superbiens

    You are trying to reignite fires here! :p
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    Identification of indigenous wild flower

    Treatment for the Gout. :p
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    New AOS student judge in Dallas region

    I started in the AOS program but don't have the time. One of the things they check is your orchid library, better stock up. Good luck.
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    Ebay biddings are crazy scenes!

    Ebay is a weird game.
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    New in North Carolina

    My album one :( is not doing well. If I save it I can send you a div,
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    Phrag. Mem. Dick Clements

    You don't get those ads on a PC.
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    Dang! too hot.
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    Identification of indigenous wild flower

    Epipactis heleborine, orchid
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    Big and small

    CITES can only be from country of origin, which BTW did not join CITES.
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    Paph. rungsiriyanum

    Ummmmm, do we really need to explain?
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    Sophronitis ghillanyi flamea ‘Isabel Rosalia’ AM/AOS

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I fried a bunch of rupicolous laelias once! :( Maybe I should have tried the "sits on water tray" thing, oh, and not left them sitting on the black roof in full sun too! :p
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    Hello from the Blue Mountains Australia!

    Welcome from NYC.
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    concolor striatum

    Nice. Very. Thanks for sharing.
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    Two forms of Paphiopedilum superbiens

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    Paph. rungsiriyanum

    Legal, ummmm ........ ....... ...... but, enjoy.