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  1. southernbelle

    Lc. Prism Palette ‘Carnival’ AM/AOS (awarded plant Waldor) (Colorama x C. Horace)

    I acquired this division last year in spike with one flower. First bloom for me. 3 flowers just opening today. Will repost when fully open.
  2. southernbelle

    C. Duvaliana (C. leuddemannia coerulea x C. purpurata alba ‘Red Carmin’

    A few years ago Jerry Fischer remade several old crosses that were not available anymore, with what he says are superior parents. In the case of this one from 1898, C. Duvaliana (C. luddemanniana coerulea x C. purpurata-alba ‘Red Carmin’), I think he hit a home run. It has such a unique strong...
  3. southernbelle

    Hadley Cash

    I’m sad to say it was posted on another forum that Hadley passed away yesterday after a long illness. A true gem of a person, a southern gentleman and one of the greatest hybridizers of all things Paph. His tremendous legacy will live on.
  4. southernbelle

    Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids

    I’m sad to say it was posted on another forum that Hadley passed away yesterday after a long illness. A true gem of a person, a southern gentleman and one of the greatest hybridizers of all things Paph. His tremendous legacy will live on.
  5. southernbelle

    Lc. Ports of Paradise ‘Emerald Isle’ FCC/AOS; Rlc. Betty Ford ‘York’

    A really nice sweet fragrance to boot!!
  6. southernbelle

    Rlc. Pamela Hetherington ‘Coronation’ FCC/AOS

    I heard David Off (of Waldor) speak a couple of years ago and he mentioned that this was his favorite Cattleya. I got an original division from him and this is its first bloom for me. Oh my, with a 16 cm NS and a 7.5 cm wide lip, it is indeed spectacular!! Soft pleasing fragrance to boot...
  7. southernbelle

    Largest Fritz Schomberg cross

    Posted on another page by Michael Tibbs. I don’t know him but thought it newsworthy. Phragmipedium LOVELY LYNNE (Fritz Schomberg x PeruFlora’s Cirila Alca) The very best and biggest ever to flower. NS 12.7cm. It’s not without its problems being a colchicine treated hybrid but the size...
  8. southernbelle

    Two in bloom

    I also had L. purpurata ‘Pink Lip’ x self in bloom but it only bloomed for 10 days and I didn’t get a photo. Lc. Mary Elizabeth Bohn ‘Royal Flare’ AM/AOS Lc. George Baldwin ‘Waldor’ (C. Enid ‘Orchidhaven’ x Princess M #1328)
  9. southernbelle

    Arthur A. Chadwick’s passing

    Sorry, I should have said this was from A.E. Chadwick sent out in an email. I just posted it here for everyone to know. You can probably leave your condolences on their website or FB page as he will not be see them here. Sorry for the confusion. Open Letter to Chadwick Clients On June 2...
  10. southernbelle

    Rlc. Toshie Aoki ‘Pizzaz’

    When I saw this at Akatsuka in HI, it was a clear bright yellow with a red throat and a clear red splash. What on earth has caused this coloration? Muddy mess in my view. I’ve tested 2/5/20 and it was negative for virus. I will test again ASAP. Any other ideas? Growing temp is 82-84 days. 70...
  11. southernbelle

    Phal. Haur Jih Fancy ‘Taida Red Jewel’ (Phal. Chingruey’s Blood-Red Sun x Phal.Chingruey’s Fancy)

    This little cherub is the first bellina for me. Her pure red won me over. Purchased at the VOS 2020 show in Richmond from Orchid Classics. First bloom for me. Sorry for the damage to the bloom on the left. I knocked it over when I was watering 🙃
  12. southernbelle

    C. maxima coerulea ‘Natural World’ x self

    Mild fragrance. Not crazy about this form, but beautiful color and prolific bloomer. Last photo shows truest color
  13. southernbelle

    C. Duvaliana (C. luddemanniana coerulea x C. purpurata-alba ‘Red Carmin’)

    This one is interesting in that it’s very fragrant and it smells like root beer!!
  14. southernbelle

    New developments in cloning rendering virus free plants from old virused originals!

    Chadwick’s newsletter. Sounds like great news to me!!
  15. southernbelle

    Laelia purpurata striata Jason’s Choice x Laelia purpurata schusteriana ’Equilab’

    An OL seedling on its first bloom. This is my tallest Cattleya at 32”. Thank goodness she likes light because she’s towering above my other high light catts and still has good room under my lights!! Mild spicy/sweet fragrance late in the day.
  16. southernbelle

    Paph. Boscia Impulse Greyi

    This sweet maudiae x bracypetalum is blooming.
  17. southernbelle

    Cattleya trianae var. semi-alba flamea ‘Kathleen’

    This beauty is blooming again. It ended its last bloom a month ago. I don’t know who Kathleen was, but she sure earns her keep!!
  18. southernbelle

    Virus testing on Cattleyas

    I've completed the testing on my Cattleyas. Still working on the Paphs, Phrags and Phals. So far, all paphs are Virus Free. Here are the stats on the Catts: 50 tested; CymMV + 9; ORSV + 4; CymMV+ & ORSV + 1; Virus Free 36. Total positive 28% Definitely disappointing the percentage is that...
  19. southernbelle

    Moss? In pot

    I have this in a couple of pots, both Cattleyas. Should I be concerned? If so, what should I do?