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  1. magnoliasplanties

    Paph. Chamberlainianum fungus?

    Hey everyone, I noticed today on my paph that it was a little wilted and there’s brown patches on the leaf of the new growth? Can anyone tell me what it is? Should I just leave the leaf alone or should I be treating it will something? I grow indoors with t8 led lights about a foot above the...
  2. magnoliasplanties

    paph. sable knight

    Hey everyone, I picked up this Paphiopedilum Sable Night from a local greenhouse. Does anyone know what hybrid this is? or have any photos of sable knight? Heres the foliage. Thanks!
  3. magnoliasplanties

    Hello from Maryland!

    Hi my name is Maggie and i'm from Maryland. I got into orchids in the beginning of 2019 and discovered my love for paphs last year. Ive been able to make one of my paphs bloom this past year which is exciting! I currently have 7 paphs in total and grow them in my apartment under grow lights on...