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  1. spes1959

    Which Cattleya walkeriana to choose?

    Hello everyone, I ask the expert collectors of Cattleya walkeriana which of these varieties are to be preferred. Thank you for your answers Cattleya walkeriana var Coerulea (Carmen x Br001) Cattleya walkeriana var. Coerulea (A-15 x Caliman) Cattleya walkeriana (Heitor x Thai´s Christina)...
  2. spes1959

    Cattleya Walkeriana temperature

    Someone of you follow the instructions of Charles and Margaret L. Baker about temperature for Cattleya Walkeriana? Winter days average 74-76F (23-24C), and nights average 50-53F (10-12C), with a diurnal range of 23-24F (13C). Thank you so much for your answer