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  1. musa

    for Brachy-lovers

    Amazing Paphs! I just love them and couldn't imagine such colours were possible!
  2. musa

    Paphiopedilum philippinense

    Love the twist! The light tips of the petals look unusual to me, mine were always blackish...
  3. musa

    Paphiopedilum gigantifolium

    Congrats!!! That is a wonderful and impressive plant. Mine is with a leavespan of 50 cm still a baby...
  4. musa

    Paph Wilhelmina's Stone

  5. musa

    Paph volonteanum leaves yellowing

    Indeed it is unhealthy. I would inform the vendor just in case, with a remark that you are trying to save it, but it gives you a better position if it should be rot or develop rot as a consequence of the damage it already had at its arrival.
  6. musa

    Paphiopedilum needs a new ID...

    Thanks, I'm very glad about your confirmation!
  7. musa

    Eurychone Rothschildiana

    That is a fascinating flower, I haven't even heard about the genus...
  8. musa

    Paph repotting

    Fingers crossed for the next bloom!
  9. musa

    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    Hi Pete, I just did some research, there are some producers like Geocell and Glapor. Unfortunately their products are described as waterresistant, because the single bubbles in the glass are closed. They absorb only 10 % water in relation to their volume. Growstone has probably a more open...
  10. musa

    Bulbophyllum frostii

    A real beauty! Have one, too, but it still resist flowering.
  11. musa

    Bulbophyllum Tingabarinum

    That's it. It is impossible to create different conditions for several species in my small growing aerea... and btw I'm living here, too!
  12. musa

    Staking buds/blooms

    Wayne booth is probably the one still opening it's bud in the group foto.
  13. musa

    Paph repotting

    Thanks for the name, hope you'll show it again in bloom!
  14. musa

    Paph repotting

    As it is only 6 month since last repotting I would wait. Depending what it is repotting in January 2021 will not interfere with blooming. Most important for repotting is the condition of the potting medium. What is it? (The tag looks like P. Harrissianum, but the leaves don't show any barbatum)
  15. musa

    Bulbophyllum Tingabarinum

    Same procedure in my collection, nearly everything is potted, what makes sometimes problems with aerial roots. But it works with lower humiditiy.
  16. musa

    Staking buds/blooms

    The one in the back on the right. It looks like it...
  17. musa

    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    I hope that isn't going too off topic but as it is an artificial potting medium as well... I read, too, that Growstone is not any more produced. Nevertheless there is an other product which is expanded glass: A friend of mine used pebbles of expanded glass as an isolation layer underneath the...
  18. musa

    Paphiopedilum needs a new ID...

    Thanks, that was my guess, too. Unfortunately I know David Ott only from fotos what can be deceptive.
  19. musa

    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    It seems to work well, Paul! Did I understand that right, Growstone is puffed glass? It is not common here. What is the advantage vs. pumice? Wouldn't be pumice better for calciolous slippers?
  20. musa

    Phrag. Barbara LeAnn 'Bloody Mary'

    What should I say... I had the last 7 days a temp range of 84 F - 91 F, on the top shelf it is even higher and sommer hasn't even started yet... I guess that is the reason why Prags don't work with me.