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  1. Leo Schordje

    Still alive, and will be at the Houston OS Speakers Event Aug 4 & 5

    It has been a couple busy years, but I am still alive and still raising orchids. I will be a speaker at the Aug 4 and 5 speakers day, but I won't be having a sales table. Demands on my time won't allow me to put together a sales table. Hope to see the Houston area members of Slipper Talk...
  2. Leo Schordje

    Orchids sneaking into a bonsai show

    The Milwaukee Bonsai Society had a show Sept 17 & 18, 2016, and I was able to sneak an orchid or two into the show. Easiest to post at the moment is a short video of a kusamono display. Kusamono is a general term for any plant that is grown for appreciation that is not a tree, originally the...
  3. Leo Schordje

    MAOC in November 2014, Columbus, OH

    I will be at the COOS, Columbus Ohio, November 7, 8 & 9 show. COOS is hosting the Fall MAOC meeting. I will be bringing Paphs, Phrags, a few Lycaste, and other species. I have been busy this summer, currently the website is down because I migrated web hosting services and haven't quite...
  4. Leo Schordje


    For those who are into carnivorous plants, visit Tom Heller's webpage. He has a list of Nepenthe for sale. Tom is noted for assembling a collection of the most colorful cultivars of each species and hybrid in his collection. Except for the odd true albino, there are no 'dull green' Nepenthe in...
  5. Leo Schordje

    Paph superbiens & Giving a talk in Nashville, TN 7/16/2013

    I will be giving a talk in Nashville, on building an Ever Blooming Orchid collection. I had hoped to have a nice long list of plants up on the website, but time slipped away. I have too many one's and two's, not enough groups of plants. 15 % discount on any plant ordered to be delivered in...
  6. Leo Schordje

    Paph I'ansonii - antique complex multifloral

    This is Paph I'ansonii (Morganiae 'Bufordense' x rothschildianum) registered in 1898 by S. Low. Also sometimes spelled L'Ansonii. I believe the name I'anson is a Flemish surname, and could be transliterated to "Janson", I could be wrong about this, but I believe that is why there are two...
  7. Leo Schordje

    Calanthe sylvatica

    An easy to grow evergreen Calanthe. Leaves are attractive pleated green. The flower stem starts blooming in early summer, and continues for at least 3 months. By the time it stops blooming it has had upwards of 30 to 50 flowers. Flower color is hard to describe, it is a soft pale lavender, with...
  8. Leo Schordje

    Paph Neptune 'Mars' AM/AOS

    Here is a classic, I don't know when it was first named or awarded, but this clone has been traded around for more than 50 years. Anyone know the full history of this gorgeous plant? The parents involved are rothschildianum, with Io (argus x lawrenceanum) as the other parent. Monster big...
  9. Leo Schordje

    Paph micranthum (forma eburnum)

    This is a micranthum that I picked up probably 25 years ago, I was told came from Kwong See. The name Kwong See is an English transliteration from the Cantonese name for a province in China. I think the Mandarin pinying would be Guang Xi, but my Chinese is more vague than true, so I might have...
  10. Leo Schordje


    Paph charlesworthii, a seedling from a flask I bought back in 1994 from AnTec. I have bloomed a half dozen survivors from that flask over the years, this one is my favorite of that batch. The others were sold or had perished over the years. Another Paph that has become an 'old reliable'. I love...
  11. Leo Schordje

    Paph Wossner's Armeni-Jack

    to follow a discussion in another thread about jackii. Here you can see the jackii influence, different than malipoense. Form is not as round, bee marking on staminode shield is reduced to lines, the flower has a really nice big natural spread of 13.2 cm, but the form is less than flat, too...
  12. Leo Schordje

    Satsuki Azalea

    Azalea satsuki type hybrid, cultivar (clonal name) 'Asahi-no-izumi' Tried an experiment, rather than leave my early season satsuki azalea in cold storage, I thought I would see if the autumn chill was enough to set flowers. I brought this indoors, under lights the first week of December. Only...
  13. Leo Schordje

    Grand Valley Orchids Society, Grand Rapids MI

    I will be speaking at the Meijer Conservatory, Grand Rapids Michigan. Hope to see our fellow Michigan Slipper Talkers there. :) I will bringing along a few plants for sale, actually a fair number of plants. Most go with the theme of "ever blooming orchids", but a few are items out of my...
  14. Leo Schordje

    Previously bloomed sanderianums

    My choice, one of these 6 sanderianums for only $125. These will be send without flowers, as the flowers damage so easily. All have second growths developing. These should rebloom in 2 years. Flowers should improve over this blooming, and they are already pretty good. Some of the flowers in...
  15. Leo Schordje


    July and January seem to be the two seasons that Paph sanderianum come into bloom. I have several IN BUD Paph sanderianum, only $175 each. I have a couple in bloom and previously bloomed sanderianum at $125 each. These have been excellent, don't let this deal pass you by.
  16. Leo Schordje

    Azalea and Chaenomeles

    I dabble with bonsai, these are both very young plants, not ready yet for any bonsai training. I will grow them out for 5 or so years, then start the serious 'bonsai torture' on them. Satsuki Azalea cultivar 'Waka Ebisu' Chaenomeles cultivar 'Iwai Nishiki' The flower is really a...
  17. Leo Schordje

    Paph Predacious? a lost tag issue

    I think this is Paph Predacious, and a fairly nice one at that, but it is a lost tag plant. It was labeled when I bought it, and I somehow lost the tag, I hate it when that happens. The most likely suspects given what I had purchased over the years are Predacious (glanduliferum x adductum)...
  18. Leo Schordje

    Paph Magic Lantern

    my contribution to the parade of Paph Magic Lantern. the natural spread is 9.1 cm
  19. Leo Schordje

    Paph tigrinum 'Windy Hill'

    Picked this up a few years ago from Marilyn Ledoux at Windy Hill just outside of St. Louis. Seems to be vigorous and easy to get to bloom. Natural spread is 13 cm. (for Tenman that is about 5 inches :poke:) This is the first bloom in my care, there are several previously bloomed older...
  20. Leo Schordje

    Leptotes bicolor 'Lakeland'

    It is Leptotes bicolor time and I thought I would add mine to the mix. Back around 2001 I received a few pieces of Leptotes bicolor 'Lakeland' from Rich Jezioro who had received a CCM on the plant a few years earlier. Rich was a character, he only had a few orchids, which he grew in the window...