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  1. Ray

    Cattleya mantiqueirae

    OK, someone help me out here. I thought mantequierae was so named because is was yellow, like butter.
  2. Ray

    Calcium & Magnesium

    That is correct. The K-Lite label tells you what’s in it.
  3. Ray

    New member questions

    It looks to me like the plant just didn't have the hydrostatic pressure to fully deploy its segments. That suggests being too dry...
  4. Ray

    Back to the hobby; Source recommendation?

    How could I have forgotten Paph Paradise?
  5. Ray

    Hurricane Isaias & Oak Island

    Several of you have contacted me individually, so I thought I'd post this publicly to cover all bases. Isaias came ashore about 10 miles south of us, putting us on the eastern part of the eyewall. Oak Island made national news for the general destruction of the beach area, but we live on the...
  6. Ray

    Back to the hobby; Source recommendation?

    Lehua orchids might be a good starting place.
  7. Ray

    KelpMax Sale

    Just a quick advisory: With Isaias headed our way Monday PM into Tuesday, I don't know what will happen with mail service, so orders placed after about 10 am Monday (EDT) may not go out until Wednesday. We'll see.
  8. Ray

    Mealy bugs

    The orthene or the bayer product should certainly get them, so I'm guessing you did an incomplete treatment. Most insecticides only kill adults, so any eggs or immature bugs remain unaffected and can then grow and multiply. Add to that the fact that the suckers can live in the potting medium...
  9. Ray

    Where are the bees?

    We have a bunch of spiderwort in our back yard and the honey bees were all over them this spring. I've certainly seen more here than I ever did in PA.
  10. Ray

    Phrag. Schroederae browning

    Looks a bit like a pseudomonas infection to me, but it's hard to say for sure. I'd consider a copper-based treatment. They are typically sold as fungicides, but are pretty good bactericides, too.
  11. Ray

    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    Perlite is chemically neutral. Growstones, being recycled soda-lime glass that has been foamed by the addition of an alkaline carbonate to the melt, has a high (basic) pH.
  12. Ray

    KelpMax Sale

    I just got in a brand new batch of KelpMax - produced in April, so it easily has 2-3 years of shelf life, more if refrigerated. Buying the stuff by the pallet and shipping it take a lot of cash outlay, so to try to replenish the bank account a bit, I’ve priced all sizes @ 15% off through next...
  13. Ray

    Brown, sticky sap on leaves

    Oxalis seeds?
  14. Ray

    Need advice

    No. I grow all of my slippers in semi-hydroponics.
  15. Ray


    I am. Another (infrequently visiting) forum member and I came up with the concept for the formula and consulted with the PhD who came up the the so-called “MSU” fertilizers. He derived K-Lite from them and had some manufactured for us. A bunch of folks from around the world used their...
  16. Ray


    This is a topic for which there are myriads of opinions. Fertilizer, while essential, is really WAY DOWN on the plants' "Maslow's hierarchy of needs". In order for a plant to gain one pound of mass, it needs to absorb and process 200 pounds of water but only about 5 grams of N-P-K fertilizer...
  17. Ray

    Any SQL experts out there?

    I figured out how to add rows to the existing table, but there were still issues. I rebuilt one that turned out to be better than the original. Thanks for the hand-holding!
  18. Ray

    Need advice

    Ive never had that issue - just the opposite, in fact; the middle of the root mass ends up being too soppy. I avoid that by inverting a net pot in the center of the large flower pot before adding the plant and potting medium.
  19. Ray

    Any SQL experts out there?

    I managed to figure it out, but still have issues. I might just end up rebuilding the calculators manually.
  20. Ray

    Any SQL experts out there?

    The tables are in different databases - they are identical in structure, as they are two versions of the same table and databases. I have access to phpMyAdmin, which allows you to manipulate the data. I exported the new table to a csv file, did the same to that table in the old DB, copied the...