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  1. littlefrog

    Paph. Wood Dove

    This is... glaucophyllum x superbiens? Something like that. Not the best picture. In person, it is large and quite charming, has an interesting color to it. Old clone that I got from Taylor Orchids in MI.
  2. littlefrog

    Phrag. 'brasiliense'

    I put that in quotes because a lot of people believe it is actually Phrag. Patti McHale (sargentianum x pearcii). Whatever it is, it is a good grower and bloomer for me. I don't know how close together those are in the wild, maybe a natural hybrid. It was formally described in 2003. This is...
  3. littlefrog

    Paph (richardianum x philippinense)

    This may not be registered. If it is I can't find it. Pretty sure I have had this plant since the days in which Ray Rands would send out seedlings from his ad in the AOS Bulletin. Somebody else can figure out how long ago that was... 20 years? First bloom. It is kind of cute.
  4. littlefrog

    Paph Wiertzianum

    Two awarded clones (awarded about 20 years apart..., the most recent in 2003). On the left, Wiertzianum 'New York' HCC/AOS, on the right, Weirtzianum 'Suzy' AM/AOS (the older award). In my opinion, 'New York' is superior. I think it is an interesting hybrid (rothschildianum x lawrenceanum)...
  5. littlefrog

    A little tour (of the greenhouse)

    I guess it works. This broke into two videos on accident, but since it was longer anyway I just left it that way. Part 1: Part 2:
  6. littlefrog

    A little tour

    This may or may not work. If it does work, before you watch it, a few caveats. 1) this growing area is a mess. It gets cleaned occasionally, most of it is just clutter. 2) I am non-scripted and obviously not a videographer. I'm practicing though, I might have to teach entirely online in the...
  7. littlefrog

    2.25" square very deep pots

    McConkey pots... But McConkey evidently doesn't make them anymore, I haven't been able to get any for the last three years and now I'm out. I know there are other manufacturers, I just can't find a good one. I need them by the case. These are 2.25" across and about 3.5" deep. It is easy to...
  8. littlefrog

    Greater Lansing Orchid Show

    Is this weekend (Feb 23-24), at Michigan State. Weather is looking... well, we've had worse. Probably ok during the day. Come out anyway, it is warm inside the building.
  9. littlefrog

    Dayton, OH show this weekend

    2/16 and 2/17, at Cox Arboretum. We will be there selling plants, mostly slippers. If you can't make that, next weekend (2/23, 2/24) is Lansing, MI (MSU) show. I'll be there too! I'm everywhere... :)
  10. littlefrog

    Botanical orchid line art

    Weird request... I'm playing with a laser cutter and would like to burn some nice orchids into wood. I can get near photo resolution, but in black and lighter black, obviously. Does anybody have any nice black and white line drawings to share? If it turns out nice I'll send you a physical...
  11. littlefrog

    Phrag Bright Spot "Littlefrog Inferno"

    Phrag. Bright Spot = Phrag Mem. Dick Clements x Twilight Pretty happy with this one. My photography isn't the best, but you might get some idea of the color. It is really really red. Received a pretty solid high AM/AOS in November (I think - it was a long fall semester...). Still in bloom...
  12. littlefrog

    Paph. Mint Chocolate 'Littlefrog Raspberry Chip'

    This is malipoense x leucochilum. No award, and if you are looking at it with a critical eye you can tell why. Look first... So, couple flaws on an otherwise glorious flower. It is huge - not a flaw! If you look closely you'll see that one petal (on the left) is a slightly different shape...
  13. littlefrog

    Paph. Uneme 'Littlefrog Alex' AM/AOS

    Awarded a few days ago. This cross is delenatii x S. Gratrix The flower facing to the side is actually a bit better, not sure why I took the picture this way. Judges liked this one (but not the other two leucochilum crosses I brought). Two flowers on one inflorescence, very nice color...
  14. littlefrog

    Seeking appletonianum stud

    I have a proven cross I want to remake with a superior wardii ("Littlefrog Prince" FCC/AOS) but I lack one of the parents. Am looking for a quality Paph. appletonianum (would settle for hainanense, or amabilis, but that is a slightly different but still cool outcome). I only need the pollen...
  15. littlefrog

    Phrag Don. Wimber 'Littlefrog Ron's Choice'

    High AM a few months ago. Not as good as the blooming that Ron (Taylor Orchids) did with it a few years ago, which was stunning and probably easily an FCC and maybe a CCE. But Ron is old, a bit grumpy, and well past wanting to pay for awards so I get to do it. :)
  16. littlefrog

    QF Naukana Kealoha

    'Littlefrog Princess' AM/AOS Why yes, I have been busy... :)
  17. littlefrog

    Phrag. Lucky Girl

    Trying a new way to share images... I can see this, can you? Any older posts are almost certainly broken, let me know if you need a picture from an old post. This is Phrag. Lucky Girl (Twilight 'Rising Rocket' AM/AOS x Acker's Ballerina). Best one so far, but they have all been nice...
  18. littlefrog

    Yellow phragmipediums

    I think these must be the unicorns of the phrag world. Evidently I am not pure enough of heart, because I've never seen anything that I'd call yellow (short of besseae v. flavum, which grows well for me). And I've seen a _lot_ of phrags... I've seen yellow hybrids in a few pictures, but I'm...
  19. littlefrog

    Restarting flasking after 20 years

    So... Been wandering through search results for a while now and some of it is quite old. Not nearly as old as the last time I flasked seriously. I had quite a bit of success in graduate school flasking paphs and phrags, but that was 20+ years ago. I also had an entire research hospital's...
  20. littlefrog

    Emperor of India

    Thought I posted it yesterday but I don't see it, so pardon if there is a duplication. This I bought several years ago thinking of Battle of Egypt 'Alpha'. Which is totally different (and better). Don't know why I thought that, since the tag says Emperor of Egypt. That tag is wrong (there...