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  1. Don I

    Den. cuthbertsonii rojo xanthinum x Den. glomeratum

    I got this last Oct. and I fully expected it to be dead now. The guy from Ecuagenera told me that the cross allows it to grow more intermediate and he said to put it in a tub of water up to about one eighth inch up the side of the pot. It evaporates quite a bit. Every seven days I fill the water...
  2. Don I

    Paph. wardii fma. alboviride

    A lot of sun coming in the furnace room/ studio this morning. I got this plant by mistake. I had ordered the type. I was quite disappointed when it flowered, but that has long since been rectified. On the plus side this plant is very prolific. It grows fast and flowers a lot. The plant looks...
  3. Don I

    Paph. glaucophyllum

    I was watering and I noticed a tiny spider on one of the flowers. It's hard to hand hold the camera low light. The pictures weren't very good so I took the plant back upstairs, but when I came back with the camera the spider had left. The pictures are better. The older flower is starting to...
  4. Don I

    Paph. helenae, mother and child in the spirit of christmas

    The second flower is smaller than the first and the flower stock is also smaller around. The flower will grow I think. I'm mildly concerned about the flower stock size, but the plant its self looks okay. After I gave up trying to get the flowers in focus I realized the camera was focusing on the...
  5. Don I

    Paph. villosum 'Stephen Manza' AM/AOS

    The plant is smaller because I divided it. It seems to have servived that. The smaller division is still too young to flower.
  6. Don I

    Paph. helenae

    This is mostly a test. I got this plant from Pipingrock a couple of years ago at the TAOA show in Toronto. It was a mature plant that had already flowered before. The tape measures there because I sent tis picture to some friends and family who aren't familiar with the size of these plants...
  7. Don I

    Paph. Fanaticum

    I got this as a bonus plant in 2014. It has always grown well, but slow. It was around 7 months from when I recognised the bud until it opened. The flower is not very symmetrical. The pouch has gotten lighter over roughly a week. I've always grown it in teak vanda baskets in a coarse mix and...
  8. Don I

    Paph. Hung Sheng Curtisii x Hung Sheng Bay

    I got this plant in the Slippertalk auction in 2017. It is probably a little darker than it looks here. I'm happy with it. Don
  9. Don I

    Paph. bellatulum

    These pictures are from about 3 weeks ago. Don
  10. Don I

    Post for new system check

    Testing testing. Today I received an email with new posts and upon opening one there was a nice picture of a Phrag. and a woman who informed me that her husband had pounded her for 5 hours and some other thing below that. I've never gotten stuff attached to my emails before so I don't know if...
  11. Don I

    Galearis spectabilis

    I took these pictures in the middle of May. There are 18 plants and 11 with flower stocks. The most I've ever seen before were 6 flower stocks. Some years they don't flower at all. A friend told me there was another spot near Guelph that had dozens of plants flowering, so a very good year for...
  12. Don I

    Paph. vietnamense

    The flower stock is only about 3" tall and very stiff. The leaves were quite dark until the bud showed then started to lighten fairly quickly. This is pretty much the true colour. This picture is underneath facing up, that is why it looks lighter. I was afraid I would damage the flower...
  13. Don I

    Paph. malipoense

    I determined that this plant had produced a bud on Aug. 25/17. I was really afraid that the bud was going to dry up and fall off. Then suddenly the pouch began to grow at lightening speed, relatively speaking and it opened. Although I'm not sure if it is fully open yet. Don
  14. Don I

    Cypripedium parviflorum

    I bought a bare root with 2 eyes from John M. at the RBG show in Hamilton Ontario at the end of Feb.They have been in flower for a week or more. Don
  15. Don I

    Paph. villosum var. boxallii

    I've been lucky most of the time with the flowers that have bloomed for me. This one I was a little disappointed with. I would have liked more of that orange colour in the petals and a lot more spots, but I can't complain too much. Just a quick picture to compare the size with the...
  16. Don I

    Paph. villosum 'Stephen Manza' AM/AOS

    Still growing. Don
  17. Don I

    Paph. Hung Sheng Golddollar, P. druryi

    picture uploading Paph. Hung Sheng Golddollar. This plant came as a bonus plant. I never would have bought it, because I'm not very fond of the shape or one coloured flowers. This is the second time it has flowered and the lip has been off centre one way or the other both times. It kind of...
  18. Don I

    Paph. exul, P. appletonianum

    how to screenshot on windows 7 Paph. exul, this one has lots of dorsal sepal. how to screenshot on windows 7 The flower looks big because it is leaning forward quite a lot. so it is an optimal illusion. how to screenshot on windows 7 The first time this flowered the pouch was dented. This...
  19. Don I

    C. parviflorum

    images hosting images hosting I took these pictures a couple of days ago. The plants and flowers are quite small, but they are growing on a fairly thin piece of soil on a culvert and last year was very dry. Even the stream was dry almost all summer. I wish my memory was better from one year to...
  20. Don I

    Paph. acmodontum

    image hosting 20mb This is the second year and second flower. The first flower had no green in the central dorsal sepal. I was kind of disappointed, so I'm glad it showed up this time. image hosting 20mb I think the colour of the flower is most true in this picture. Don