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  1. W. Beetus

    Paph. Magic Lantern

    First bloom on one of my Magic Lanterns. This one sat around at a blooming size for over two years before deciding to finally flower.
  2. W. Beetus

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    First bloom on my Ho Chi Minh, and while it's not very flat, the bloom is very large with an 11.8cm NS. And a side view. I just got a new camera, so I had to attempt a little more of a sophisticated shot! It's amazing how much more detail shows through versus the old camera!
  3. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Red Label' AM

    I took my FV Fireball to be judged today, and it received an 86pt AM. Turns out that this is the highest award for the cross to date!
  4. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball

    Keeping with the red Phrag theme :), this one had great color this time around, but the shape was definitely not as good as the last bloom.
  5. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Bright Spot 4N

    The bloom was missing the staminode for some reason, but the color was extremely good due to the lower temperatures this winter.
  6. W. Beetus

    Getting rid of ants

    I was doing some repotting today, and noticed that some of my plants seemed to have quite a few ants crawling around in the medium. What would be the best way to keep them out of the plants?
  7. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball

    Here's the first bloom for this plant I got from Tom last winter. The color is pretty good considering the triple-digit temperatures as of lately.
  8. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Bright Spot 4N

    Not the first bloom on the spike, but still a very nice one. It's a very large plant; I believe I have it in about a 10" pot.
  9. W. Beetus

    A few new additions...

    At Fox Valley, I took the opportunity to pick up the plants that I had ordered from Tom's Cyber Monday sale back in November. Front: P. micranthum, P. Ho Chi Minh Back: Compot of P. Magic Lantern that we deflasked yesterday
  10. W. Beetus

    Fox Valley's New Location

    Today I went out and visited Tom at his new location at the greenhouse in his back yard. I made a panoramic picture from the front door, so you all can get an idea of how much smaller it is versus his old location at Hausermanns'. And a few other things: P. Fanaticum P. Jade Dragon...
  11. W. Beetus

    P. micranthum eburneum repot question

    Hi all, I just took my micranthum eburneum HCC out of its pot and to my surprise, I found two runners heading towards the bottom of the pot. Last time when I had an armeniacum aureum with this problem, it had three runners and I just repotted it normally, but two of the runners died after...
  12. W. Beetus

    New Additions

    I took the first of my two trips a year to see Tom at Fox Valley, and brought home a few new Paphs and two Phrags (!). We will see how these Phrags do for me... And I will apologize in advance about the absence of any pictures from FV. I forgot to take pictures. :mad: Clockwise from the...
  13. W. Beetus

    Let's talk Humidity...

    Now that I finally have gotten around to getting a humidifier for my greenhouse (have needed one for years, finally got a high quality one for GH use), I would like to get an idea as to what kind of humidity levels I should be setting the humidistat to during the day and night. My normal...
  14. W. Beetus

    Paph. micranthum v. eburneum

    Awarded on Saturday at the Great Lakes Judging Center, Paph. micranthum v. eburneum 'Red Label' HCC/AOS 79pts. Here's one of my pictures of it (The award picture is copyrighted and all that junk, I don't want to deal with that).
  15. W. Beetus

    Current list and grow space

    Here's a list of what I currently have growing in the slipper department: Paphs: delenatii v. alba godefroyae v. leucochilum vietnamense veyvarutinanum micranthum micranthum v. eburneum emersonii Magic Lantern malipoense Maudiae 'The Queen' Fumi's Delight Fanaticum Norito Hasegawa Mem. Larry...
  16. W. Beetus

    P. Norito Hasegawa

    Another first bloom. I really like how this one looks.
  17. W. Beetus

    P. armeniacum fma album

    First bloom. I was told that the petals become curved when the bud develops in low humidity, which would explain why they look this way.
  18. W. Beetus

    Hello There...

    For those who already know me and those who don't, I am Nick. I have been growing slippers for about eight years now, mostly Parvisepalum Paphs and a few others. I especially like P. micranthum. I don't have much in the Phrag department, maybe once I can get the one that I have to do something...